INTERPRETERs No experience required! (Tucson, AZ)

INTERPRETERs No experience required! (Tucson, AZ)

07 Feb 2019

INTERPRETERs No experience required! (Tucson, AZ)

Vacancy expired!


To apply and complete your online application go to:

We are looking for passionate people who speak two or more languages to become phone interpreters.

Hiring for the following languages:

Spanish, Burmese, Cambodian Khmer, Cantonese, Italian, Karen, Korean, Mandarin,

Nepali, Tigrigna, Tagalog, Thai/Lao, Urdu and Vietnamese

Use your English and other working language skills to help limited-English people speak to doctors, police, insurance agents, and more. We provide three weeks of paid training and ongoing support in the form of continuing education, interpreter teammates, supervisors, and coaches for the lifetime of your employment with us.


Five weeks of paid, classroom training is provided by CyraCom. The training is designed to teach interpretation skills and improve vocabulary to service over 2,500 clients in healthcare, business and government. Training also focuses on improved note taking skills and teaches protocols that facilitate accurate meaning for meaning interpretation. The training ends with telephone practice sessions where the trainees are paired with an experienced interpreter to take actual customer calls.

Job Description

•Provide consecutive, meaning for meaning, first-person over the phone interpretation.

•Follow all CyraCom policies and procedures related to information confidentiality and interpreter ethics.

•Facilitate accurate communication between clients and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) clients and customers.

•Perform other related duties as assigned.

Why Work for CyraCom?

CyraCom is the leading provider of language interpreting services and employs thousands of interpreters. CyraCom impacts the lives of millions by connecting those with limited English proficiency to essential services -- healthcare, 9-1-1, finance, and more -- in a language of their choice.

At CyraCom, you will use the professional skills we help you build to ultimately impact the millions of limited-English proficient people. You can be confident your career will have a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of others.

Our employee interpreters say that every day at CyraCom is different. One minute you could be helping a travel agent schedule someone's flight, the next, helping deliver a baby. You'll encounter different situations daily where you can help people at critical moments in their life. By interacting with professionals in many different industries, you will learn not only the vocabulary associated with these industries, but also gain knowledge that you can apply to your own life.

What we look for in a candidate:

•You want your career to have a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

•You speak fluent English and another language.

•You want to be part of a culturally-diverse team in an exciting workplace.

•You want to expand your knowledge by completing professional interpreter training.

What we require in a candidate:

•High School Diploma or GED.

•Must be over 18.

•Must be legal to work in the US.

•Must be fluent in both English and another language, as determined by our Language Checkup.

What we offer you as an employer:

•A generous benefits package and competitive salary.

•Bonus, overtime, and merit increase opportunities.

•Company-paid professional interpreter training.

•Opportunities for advancement and professional growth.

•A diverse and stimulating workplace where employees are valued and supported.

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