Looking for golf equipment experts / gear nerds / sales reps (Remote)

Looking for golf equipment experts / gear nerds / sales reps (Remote)

02 Apr 2019

Looking for golf equipment experts / gear nerds / sales reps (Remote)

Vacancy expired!

Our company is Curated.com and we are an e-commerce site bridging the gap between an in-store and online shopping experience by connecting customers 1-on-1 with experts on our platform to help navigate through the different options before purchasing via our site.

Ideally, you've either worked in a pro shop, have experience as a certified fitter, or are an ex-professional / aspiring pro. You'll be working from home on your computer interacting with customers who are looking to purchase new equipment.

Job Description: The job can be done 100% remotely. As a Curated.com expert, youll be connected with customers who have filled out a questionnaire about their golf game (their current clubs, handicap, where they golf, issues with their ball flight, etc.). Youll review their questionnaire, ask qualifying questions, and then make club recommendations (when you feel like you have enough detail). From there, a business relationship is born. Youll be their sole point of contact at Curated.com and continue your conversation over weeks (or months) as they consider what is best for them, or, as they improve their golf game and come back for more clubs.

Desired Skills/Knowledge:

-The biggest thing is to have conviction that your recommendations will improve somebodys golf game.

-Knowledge of different clubs/brands/grips and shafts is a must.

-Previous sales experience is a plus.

-Passion about the game!

-Ability to communicate clearly online via chat.

To fill out an expert application, please visit https://www.curated.com/apply/golf?utmsource=craigslist&utmmedium=ppa&utmcampaign=golftus&utmterm=&utmcontent=

If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to respond to this email. Otherwise, I'll talk to you after you've filled out the application :-)


Blake Valley

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