Shipping / Inventory Manager for Weapons Factory in Fort Smith, AR

09 May 2019

Shipping / Inventory Manager for Weapons Factory in Fort Smith, AR

Vacancy expired!

We are a large global firearms and ordnance manufacturer with three local operations in Fort Smith looking for a manager to handle our shipping department. We are hiring for one first shift position. [Monday- Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.] The position open is for full time only, with optional overtime which may be approved for near unlimited overtime if proper training goals are met.

You will be trained by the existing shipping manager, who will become your supervisor as the plant manager. So there will be a full smooth training process of 1-3 weeks.

This position is open at FedArm Plant 6 located at: 5730 N 6, Fort Smith, AR 72904.

These requirements below are necessary to apply to this job:

Microsoft Office (Word/ Excel specifically), must be very proficient in excel and computer tasks

Email (Outlook/Thunderbird),

Reasonable Firearms and Ammunition knowledge of calibers and types of weapons

Ability to complete daily tasks of printing shipping labels and coordinating pickers/packers

Ability to manage tasks sent via email and organize priority tasks + deadlines,

Ability to send wholesale orders to packing and fulfillment and coordinate deadlines

Also at times to pick and pack products if needed, thus ability to lift and seal 35 lb boxes.

Excellent eyesight to avoid shipping mistakes of matching products to labels and invoices

Attention to detail to help manage inventory audits

Prior office experience requested, but prior shipping/logistics experience not required.

The most valuable skill in this job will be proficiency, accuracy, and speed with computer and organizational tasks listed above

Other tasks that will be trained, but prefer prior experience on:

FedEx Freight and ground arrangements (specifically skill in FedEx Ship Manager)

Inventory control, counts, and audits

Experience dealing with FedEx claims, rates, and contracts for ground and freight.

Other factory tasks assigned generally on overtime to expand and improve the warehouse

Extra knowledge in the below items will put you higher on the qualification list and earn higher pay:

If you have dealt with A&D books or ran a gun store, you will have a high preference as a bulk of the shipping is related to firearms serial numbers.

QuickBooks Enterprise experience, specifically Advance Inventory.

College degree, specifically in management, business, or logistics. But any degree will be valued.

Manufacturing and wholesale knowledge,

Previous office & business management,

Average pay for this position ranges between $11.50 to $16.50 an hour depending on experience and skills after evaluation period. Average pay for this position is around $13.00 an hour with up to 20 hours a week Overtime. If you have experience and exceed all of the requirements and preferences, you will be qualified to earn the higher pay, overtime, and option for salaried paid. Also, future promotions to top management positions are possible depending on performance and abilities.

This position is a key gateway position to move to upper management, we are seeking to bring on managers who can move up to manage enterprise level operations.

There is a one week starting probationary period for training and evaluation. Reliable transportation is required, on-site parking spot is provided. Position will be in Fort Smith, AR 72904 with its own personal office in the warehouse.

Note: You will be trained first hand by the existing shipping manager if hired, this position is to add workers to keep up with non-stop demand.

Due to the atmosphere, we cannot hire anyone with a felony; misdemeanors are dependent upon the charge. This is a drug free workplace. We do full national background checks due to the sensitive work nature. A high school diploma or GED is required; college or similar experience is a plus.

We need a worker with a positive attitude who is willing to learn and is a self-starter. Please reply to this posting with an up to date resume for our review. We will be scheduling interviews immediately, which will come with an in person qualification test for the requirements above.

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