Embedded Systems Programmer(Entry Level) (Fresno - Chestnut & McKinley)

Embedded Systems Programmer(Entry Level) (Fresno - Chestnut & McKinley)

01 May 2020

Embedded Systems Programmer(Entry Level) (Fresno - Chestnut & McKinley)

Vacancy expired!

Starting a new technical-development position can be tough. You may not have 100% of the needed skills - including how to apply them in the real world. Being dropped into development work with no preparation is bad for your customer, your employer, and YOU.

That's why we've developed paid training to bring your engineering staff up to industry standards in few short months. We want to set you up for success before you start your first real-world project for our global client base

We're looking for individuals who are:




Willing and Helpful


The DPS Telecom Engineering Boot Camp will expose you to all aspects of our Engineering Department:

Software development (Embedded C, Javascript, PHP, Python, LAMP)

PCB hardware

3D case design

Product testing

You'll develop your own standalone versions of RTU and master station products. This program has been designed to minimize your exposure with the client affecting products while you develop engineering skills.

We provide all the tools and mentors necessary for completing each challenge. You provide the effort and dedication to yourself - qualities that will make you thrive in any career at any company.

After successfully completing Boot Camp within 60-90 days, you'll be joining a tightly knit team that's responsible for critical equipment in vital organizations (ex. 911 Centers, power companies, public transportation, etc).

What are you waiting for? Apply.

Learn everything about this sales job at www.dpstele.com/jobs

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