Competent coordinator assistant

Competent coordinator assistant

14 Aug 2021
California, Humboldt county, 95511 Humboldt county USA

Competent coordinator assistant


For 2 to 8 weeks

5 to 20 hours a week

Work from your home. Must have your own computer


I am a patient advocate working with a client to set up a series of medical appointments in locations around northern CA. These are appointments at specialized academic medical centers that require referrals, sending medical records, and followup. I am also working on setting up consultations with attorneys for my client.

Your Qualifications:

I need someone with experience as an efficient administrative coordinator, project manager, or similar role, with the following proficiency:

- scheduling appointments and maintaining a shared calendar

- managing contacts

- managing documents

- formatting and converting different types of documents like Word, Excel, Acrobat, and PowerPoint

- writing professional communications

- task tracking and reporting

- technical proficiency with Microsoft Word, email, Google applications like Docs and calendar

- Very competent at accurately estimating the time required to complete tasks and at reliably completing tasks on time.

- Resourceful, intelligent, problem solver, do what it takes.

- Mature, buttoned up, able to speak, write and act professionally.

- Integrity.

Main responsibilities include:

- Manage task lists: Your tasks, my tasks, my client’s tasks. keep everyone on the ball so tasks get completed.

- Coordinate appointments, conference calls, zoom calls, and travel and keep calendar updated with such information.

- Some limited research to find names of doctors and lawyers, contact info, etc.

- Find out whether specific medical services are covered by client’s insurance (Medical)

- Scan/digitize paper medical records or have them scanned (depending on quantity) in to usable digital format

- Compile electronic and scanned records into a medical history “packet” for sending to multiple recipients

- Write professional email inquiries to prospective law firms and medical centers

Occasionally obtain medical referrals from primary care provider

You will be remotely. Occasionally you will meet with my client who is in Eureka. You will need to have good people skills and patience since my client has some memory issues.


PLEASE make sure you have read everything and that you really are qualified before you apply. You have to hit the ground running.

To apply, please send an email with background info and confirmation of your skills. If possible, don’t send a full resume, instead just a brief description of relevant past experience, including dates.

If it looks like you might be a good fit I will reply to schedule a phone interview and with a request for two work references or one work and one personal reference.

DON'T send references unless you get a response to your application.

I cannot reply to everyone, so thank you ahead of time for applying.

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