Custody and Control Specialist (Salinas)

Custody and Control Specialist (Salinas)

01 May 2020

Custody and Control Specialist (Salinas)

Vacancy expired!


FINAL FILING DATE: Continuous; Exam 19/80I10/04LA

PRIORITY SCREENING DATE: Friday, May 3, 2019. Applications received after May 3rd, will be screened on a monthly basis.

The Sheriff 's Office is comprised of the Administration, Corrections and Enforcement Operation Bureaus. The Sheriffs Office delivers public safety to the residents of Monterey County by providing 24-hour uniformed patrol, investigations, custody services, court security, and law enforcement support.

This position works the control towers in the Corrections Operation Bureau. This non-safety position performs work assignments involving the safety and security of inmates through the use and operations of custody-based equipment and has no direct inmate contact.

The ideal candidate will have the ability to act calmly and make rational decisions while working in a noisy, fast-paced jail environment and able to communicate effectively. The ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to get along with others and be a team player.

The Eligible List established by this recruitment process will be used to fill current and future vacancies as they arise.


Will demonstrate the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

Working knowledge of: Custody Operations procedures; Legal terminology to understand court documents effecting inmate status; Basic record keeping and accounting methods and processes; Department policies, procedures and directives; English language including reading, writing, spelling and grammar; Effective methods of communication including interpersonal communication and the use of tact and discretion with inmates; Computer software programs such as Microsoft Word and TracNet.

Some knowledge of: Proper and safe operation of a wide variety of jail facility and security and safety devices inside control centers controlling the movement of inmates.

Skill and Ability to:

Understand and follow operational procedures, written and oral instructions of a technical nature; comprehend and process new information quickly and accurately; retain relevant information; Safely operate a wide variety of jail facility security and safety devices inside control centers; Use computer systems to respond to inquiries regarding status of inmates; Remain calm and effectively communicate under adverse conditions; perform required duties in an intimidating environment where some potential for physical danger is present; Respond tactfully, discreetly and effectively to inmates, the public, co-workers and others contacted through the course of work; Use a variety of office equipment including computer terminals, telephones, intercom system, telecopiers or printers; Enter data to accurately and retrieve information from a computer system; and complete a variety of jail and court forms; Locate, read, understand and apply departmental policies and procedures; Ability to adopt and project the desired philosophy and code of conduct of the Monterey County Sheriffs Office.


Operates a wide variety of jail facility security and safety devices inside control centers.

Directly operates devices inside control centers controlling the movement of inmates and in such capacity, is directly responsible for the safety and security of inmates and members of the Corrections Operation Bureau staff.

Assists staff with visitation using speakers and operating cell/housing doors.

Verifies identity of persons entering and leaving the Corrections Facility.


Conditions of employment include, but are not limited to:

Successfully pass and complete a thorough background/suitability process, which includes a polygraph examination or voice stress analysis, psychological and medical examinations; Work effectively and remain calm and organized while performing duties in a noisy, enclosed jail environment, exposure to smells associated with a jail environment, as well as exposure to anti-social inmate behavior; Walk to and from control centers, breakroom and restroom using walkways in sections of the Corrections Operations Bureau also used by escorted and unescorted inmates; Attend and perform duties on a regular, reliable and consistent basis; Work flexible hours, shifts, weekends and holidays and be subject to holdover and callback duty; Wear a uniform; Provide a telephone number or means by which employee can be reached.

The physical and sensory requirements for this classification include, but are not limited to:

Ability to see well enough to verify the identity of individuals entering and leaving the facility; Ability to speak loudly, clearly and effectively; and listen carefully to communicate face-to-face and on the radio to provide and gather information while working in a noisy, enclosed room that has multiple distractions; Ability to sit for long periods of time in a control tower; Ability to function in a fast-paced environment.

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