Research Associate III

Research Associate III

31 Jan 2021
California, Southsanfrancisco, 94080 Southsanfrancisco USA

Research Associate III

Vacancy expired!

Duties: The Wilson Lab in the Department of Immunology at Genentech is seeking a highly talented, driven and motivated researcher to investigate a novel therapeutic pathway in the field of cytokine biology. Facilitated by fruitful collaborations with other labs in biomarker discovery, biochemical and pharmaclogy and early clinical development, the candidate will both drive the research and early development of a novel target. Using state of the art techniques and technologies, the candidate will develop in-vitro and in-vivo systems to test cytokine receptor signaling to test the involvement of these new pathways and molecules in the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases.Understanding the mechanism of action (MOA) of new targets, focusing on both innate and adaptive immune responses and responses in the stroma, will be the core focus of the work. The candidate will be responsible for cytokine, biochmical and molecular assays, cell based assys and in-vivo pharmacodynamic (PD) and efficacy disease models, to advance research stage programs into early clinical development, providing both scientific and technical expertise.

Skills: Who You Are: Have a documented record of professional achievement in the form of high-quality publications. Be theoretically and practically well versed in immunology and molecular immunology techniques such as primary cell isolation from tissues, in vitro stimulation of hematopoietic / immune cells, advanced flow cytometry (8+ colors), cellular immunological assays, molecular biology, ELISA/MSD, qRT-PCR/RNAseq/scRNA-Seq, WB and have experience or be willing to develop in-vivo models to test pathways. Have excellent communication skills and be committed to teamwork-oriented discovery. Can present research at intra- and inter-departmental meetings and work effectively as part of a team. Qualified candidates should be adept at independently designing, executing and interpreting experiments

Education: Applicants must have a PhD degree in immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry or related field and have a good understanding of cytokine biology and cytokine receptor signaling.

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