Powder Coat Level I / Masking Prep

Powder Coat Level I / Masking Prep

07 Feb 2019

Powder Coat Level I / Masking Prep

Vacancy expired!

Primary Job Duties:

• Parts washing. Use of phosphate wash system to clean parts free of any oils or impurities.

• Masking/plug parts. Plugging holes and masking off other areas of parts as required to keep free from paint.

• Racking parts. Hanging parts on paint racks in preparation for applying powder.

• Packaging of finished parts. Help to un-rack and package finished parts.

• Parts stripping. Use of stripping chemicals and/or other approved methods.

• General shop help. It is expected that you will help when needed to move heavy parts.

• General shop housecleaning and maintenance. Regularly clean your work space, also expected to help clean in all areas of the building as needed.

Secondary Job Duties:

• Help with tasks in other departments. You will be asked to help in other departments in times of slow work load and/or when needed.

• Any additional tasks as needed.

General Expectations:

• Work Safely. You are expected to work in a safe manner. Pay attention to your surroundings. If you have questions about safety in any task, ask your supervisor. This includes use of PPE when applicable.

• You are expected to finish your work in a timely manner, even if you do not know what you will be doing next. Stay busy, there is always something to do in this shop.

• Follow instruction. If you are not sure how to perform a task, ask your supervisor. If you have a suggestion or idea to improve on any task, great, talk to your supervisor and share your ideas.

• Keep a clean and organized work area.

• Help your teammates.

• Follow company policy as described in your employee handbook.

Physical Requirements:

• Standing for long periods of time.

• Lifting of heavy loads, up to 40lbs. Anything over 40lbs should be lifted with fork lift.

• Working in hot and cold environments.

• Visually being able to see detail of parts to determine quality as instructed by supervisor.

Job Details

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