02 May 2020


Vacancy expired!

We are seeking a high volume fine dining, energetic chef. Whether you're stuck in a current environment with little growth or want to take your experience to the next level, we believe this can be a place that will consistently challenge and keep you energized. Now is the perfect time to change gears before the busier months arrive so you'll be ready to hit the ground running in a fast paced and fun quality shoreline restaurant in need of potential business expansion opportunities.

We're in search of a leader who is eager, responsible and wants to improve while working with a great crew in a healthy and fun kitchen environment. There is serious opportunity here.

Energy, experience and ability to take part in creative decisions for the well being of the restaurant a must. This is a very busy, high energy establishment, year round. Your greatest asset will first be to handle delicate menu items at a high level of volume then to establish yourself as a significant member of a team that is always looking for ways to improve and ultimately expand. The responsibility is there for you to take and also get yourself in line to create an outstanding future for yourself.

Be adaptable, carry great communication and organizational skills and, most of all, be ready to contribute immediately. This may be that next step for you, or the chance to break free from a stagnant situation. It's where you can acquire the freedom as a chef you've been waiting for while also allowing you the chance to make immediate impact. We are looking for someone who can take control if given the chance and a willingness to learn andbe better. Are you a chef that believes their talent is being held back and wants to be in a great area of the shoreline where energy, creativity and quality of life for yourself and family is your goal? Then, there is great potential here. We are already fully staffed and very talented, we just need to bolster up our staff more notch before the inevitable growth demands us to do so.

Please only serious and qualified candidates!

Very competitive salary and benefits.

Job duties (can include all or some, depending on qualifications):

Menu development



High paced nightly cooking responsibilities

Email if interested to see where this opportunity can take you

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