Private Club Seeking Host/Hostess

Private Club Seeking Host/Hostess

02 May 2019

Private Club Seeking Host/Hostess

Vacancy expired!

Private Club Seeking Part Time Host

Must have a minimum 1 yr. experience working as a restaurant host.

It is the job of the host/hostess to greet arriving guests, welcome them into the establishment and seat them. The guests receive their first impression of the service of the restaurant by their exchange with the host/hostess.


The host/hostess is a personal representation of the service and overall hospitality of the staff of the restaurant. It is the job of the host/hostess to ensure that the guests are made comfortable and kept informed of the status of their orders or wait times. The host/hostess should offer drinks to the guests who have to wait.


The responsibilities of the host/hostess include monitoring dining sections of the restaurant for empty and cleaned tables, estimating wait times for guests, monitoring the guest waiting list, and ensuring that the needs of the guests are met while they are waiting. The host/hostess is responsible for answering the telephone, booking reservations and moving tables together to accommodate large parties.

Job Title Restaurant Host/Hostess

General Function: Provides prompt, efficient and friendly customer service, as well as be the first impression of our establishment

Reporting Relations: Accountable and Reports to: Restaurant Managers

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Make sure all menus are wiped down, free of spots or stains, and complete.

2. Make sure entry doors are clean, free of debris and inviting.

3. Greets guests, escorts them to their table, present and answer questions about menu items, making recommendations upon request.

4. Make sure the server is aware they have been seated.

5. Speak with patrons to ensure satisfaction with food and service, respond to complaints, or to make conversation.

6. Maintain contact with management, serving staff, and customers to ensure that dining details are handled properly and customers' concerns are addressed

7. Say good-bye to all of the guests. Check to see that everything was wonderful. Not only is the host or hostess the first impression the guest gets when they come to an establishment they are also the last. You should check with every guest and if there was any kind of problem quickly get a manager.

8. Clean and assist in resetting tables after patrons have finished dining.

9. Maintains strict adherence to department and company guidelines related to personal hygiene and dress.

10. Adheres to company policies and individual restaurant guidelines.

11. Reports to work when scheduled and on time.

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Assists in other areas of restaurant as needed.

2. Performs other job related duties and special

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Worker Characteristics:

Must have the ability to carry out detailed but uninvolved written or verbal instructions; deal with a few concrete variables.

Possess the ability to understand and follow verbal or demonstrated instructions; write identifying information.

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