$20 an Hour Plus Commision- Full and Part time (Boise)

$20 an Hour Plus Commision- Full and Part time (Boise)

11 Apr 2019

$20 an Hour Plus Commision- Full and Part time (Boise)

Vacancy expired!

This is not a sales position. Im looking for 3 people to join my Boise team and help Market/Advertise Idahos Energy Credit Program. You definitely need to be outgoing, fun and hard working. Sales experience is great to have, but my favorite reps are guys 18-25 and hungry My top rep, Quinn Cota, age 22, started in January and has already made $18,000 this year

I started this Buisness in 2010 after the department of energy came out with all the energy efficiency incentives for homeowners. Idaho is one of the few states who never had Energy Building Codes for new construction. That all changed in 2012. Now Idaho is very strict with how energy efficient new homes have to be built. Because Idaho is so behind with the average homes energy efficiency levels, we received a lot of government money to help encourage homeowners to get weatherization up to Code. Right Now All homes built before 2012 qualify to get an average of $1,500-$2,000 to use for different energy efficient upgrades which covers the majority of the job cost.

We are not talking about Solar This is for the homes most basic measures and necessities.

Examples include: Attic, Floor and Wall Insulation, Duct Sealing/Duct Insulation/Attic Ventilation and Attic Fans, Home Air Selaing.

Your job is to set up homeowners with a full home energy audit that allows us to qualify the home for the program and show them exactly how much money their Home qualifies for.

A full energy audit costs an average of $300, and right now homeowners can get this done at zero cost You will make a commission of $20 for every audit you set up plus your hourly rate of $20 per hour.

Not only are you not selling anything, your able to offer homeowners a valuable service with the energy audit for $0. My average rep sets 4-5 audits a day and is making an average of $800-$1,500 a week in 20 hours of work

I just got back from Hawaii and took my 3 top reps from last year. We work hard and play hard. If your looking for an opportunity to make $1,000 plus a week, without working 50 hours a week, you need to give me a call. My top earner made $86,000 last year and never worked a 40 hour week :)

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