America's #1 Lease Purchase Program

America's #1 Lease Purchase Program

14 Apr 2020

America's #1 Lease Purchase Program

Vacancy expired!

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TIRED of the endless cycle of searching for the right driving job? Riverside Transport gets it! WAIT…we know you have heard it all before BUT, we are truly different. Our turnover last year was roughly 40%. That is incredible considering industry average turnover is over 100%. We didn’t get to where we are overnight, it took time and listening to our drivers. Our company has a true open-door policy. You can speak with your recruiter in orientation, you meet your DM in orientation and you can sit down with the owner of our company at one of our Friday Lunches, or monthly driver dinners. If you have an issue, we WANT to hear about it and we’ll do our best to fix it! The hardest part about recruiting drivers is getting over the hurdle of “Recruiters Lie”. This is true many do, but this is not what RTI does; our goal is to hire quality drivers and to retain those drivers. We can’t do that if we have angry drivers who are not making decent paychecks.

Now that you know about our awesome driver centric culture let us tell you about our Lease Purchase program. First and foremost, the reason why we do lease purchase is to not make money from the driver but to attract drivers who otherwise would not call if we did not offer lease purchase. Our goal is to keep you with us for 5+ years.NO MONEY DOWN, NO CREDIT CHECK, WALK-A-WAY LEASE After you pay off your truck we want to keep you with us! We give you flexibility in your lease. We have TWO different payment options:

Fixed-Option 1 - Pay per week $485-$558 depending on model and year.

Variable-Option 2 - Pay per mile $.25-$.27 CPM- this is the option that makes us unique! Pay per mile and pay only for the miles you drive; the higher the miles the higher the payment, the lower the miles the lower the payment, zero miles in a pay period equals a ZERO dollar truck payment.

Give us a call!(888) 391-2136

We offer a Full-Service Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty Program!

You pay $.08-$.09 CPM for this program. It works like your car insurance. You pay in and we take care of PM’s, oil changes, batteries, APU’s, a loaner truck if your truck is in the shop for more than 24-hours, tows, motor, transmission, tires. This keeps you worry free for the life of the lease. You don’t have to worry about coming out of pocket for expensive repairs and breakdowns- RTI pays the bill! This also keeps you from being 6 months away from paying off your truck and having catastrophic repairs that cause you to go in the hole.

We offer a wide variety of trucks for you to choose from! They are all equipped with APU's, Fridges, and Inverters. Our leases for solo drivers range from around 3.5-5.5 years (depending on year & mileage)

ORIENTATION:- For orientation, we provide you with a rental car or flight to one of our terminals. We put you in a PRIVATE ROOM, in a nice hotel! We provide all your meals while you're here.

Pay Details:$1,000 Transition Bonus on First Settlement and 4-weeks of Free truck payments (Up To $558 per week)

*Ask about our Veteran's incentive!

Check out our lease purchase calculator. You can enter any amount of miles and see a side-by-side line-by-line breakdown of your revenue cost and profit and a comparison of the fixed and variable options! This breaks down your Revenue, Cost, and Profit!

Riverside Transport Hires Team drivers too!

Give us a call!(888) 391-2136

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