DISHWASHER (FREE GOLF) (Bloomington Country Club)

DISHWASHER (FREE GOLF) (Bloomington Country Club)

07 May 2019

DISHWASHER (FREE GOLF) (Bloomington Country Club)

Vacancy expired!

The position of Dish Washer/Prep requires a conscientious team player; one who is able take direction for new tasks and retain that knowledge for future assignments.

Wash and properly store all cooking utensils, china equipment, flatware and glassware.

Additional Responsibilities:

1. Wash all wares in dishwashing machine or by hand according to the highest sanitation standards.

a. Set-up/breakdown and keeping up with the work load of the dish station.

i. Maintain proper levels of detergent, rinse and water in the three bay sinks for pots and pans and presoak, for the flatware tray.

ii. Ensure that the dish machine is used properly and connected to the proper canisters of detergent, rinse agents.

iii. Running dishes through the dish machine in the proper way, using the proper racks and storing in the designated places after they have been cleaned.

iv. Inform the Chef of any inventory needs for this station as they are noticed.

2. Polish all silverware, platters and chafing dishes

3. Collect trash from kitchen areas; empty garbage cans and washes and re-lines with new bags. Breaks down boxes, crates and removes debris

4. Examines garbage for misplaced silverware, dishes, glassware and other reusable items.

5. Washes and polishes all stainless steel in the kitchen including shelves, dish cabinets, ice machines, coffee area, refrigerators, walk-ins, etc.

6. Wash and clean receiving, trash and other kitchen-related areas.

7. Sweep and mop kitchen floors.

8. Stores all dishes and other wares in proper areas.

9. Clean dish machine and dish area after each meal period.

10. Perform other tasks such as assisting in food preparation, storing foods after delivery and cleaning coolers, freezers and storerooms.

11. Transfer supplies and equipment between storage and work areas.

12. Handles all china and glassware carefully to minimize breakage.

13. Continuously inspects floors kitchen areas to assure they remain clean, clear of debris and dry.

14. Assist in completing weekly kitchen cleaning and maintenance list.

15. Clean and safely stores all brooms, mops, and other cleaning equipment in their proper places.

Reports to: Executive Chef, Sous Chef

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