Project Manager (Minneapolis, MN)

Project Manager (Minneapolis, MN)

01 May 2020

Project Manager (Minneapolis, MN)

Vacancy expired!

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Job responsibilities – responsible for all account management to support the Sales representatives and ensure the Sales coordinator is keeping the business moving along. Also responsible for ensuring you understand your vendors, know how their business is doing, what they can do better. Be proactive and keep vendor on task with processes and timing for negotiation events.

Job skills and requirements – Project Manager is detail oriented, inquisitive, hardworking, analytical, and is able to think outside the box. This role is for those that can think several steps ahead and don’t just want to check things off their list. There is not a “list” for this job. Your list is your inbox, and that will change each and every day.

§ Time Management: You will be working with sales reps, vendors, retail customers and multiple other people, often spinning multiple plates at once.

§ Vendor Management: Project managers are expected to keep and maintain control of all accounts in order management system. You will need to be detail oriented as this system is for many different purposes.

§ Analytical Skills: You will need analytical skills to be able to solve the many problems that come up during a typical work day. You will be analyzing data and making decisions that affect the business on a regular basis. You will spend a lot of time in Excel and manipulating spreadsheets.

§ Systems Expert: You will be working in several different systems as our customers continue to evolve. It is our job to dive into these systems and become the “resident experts” for our vendors. We will control communication in these systems and keep the teams looped in.

§ Communication skills: It is important you are communicating effectively in both written and verbal forms. Ensure you are keeping the team and vendor updated in a timely manner. Email responses should happen within 24-48 hours.

§ Team Player: You will need to utilize your peer resources to understand the business and bounce things off of. It is important to take the time to get to know the team, as we are like a family, and are all willing to help each other. We cannot be afraid to dive in and figure things out but also need to know its okay to ask for help.

Job duties – Sales analysis and weekly reporting, Advertising planning, Forecasting, timing and action, communicating with customer with multiple contacts and communicating with vendors and your co-workers Work within customer systems, our systems to manage projects related to bringing products to market through design and packaging development, coordinate samples, understand testing requirements & costing negotiations, etc. Attend meetings with sales representative to fully understand projects.

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