Wellness Clinic hiring (Lees Summit)

Wellness Clinic hiring (Lees Summit)

24 Apr 2019

Wellness Clinic hiring (Lees Summit)

Vacancy expired!

We are a well established health and wellness practice in the Lee's Summit area. We specialize in neurologically based chiropractic care, manual therapies, functional wellness, holistic nutrition, doctor supervised weight loss and non invasive medical grade laser lipo treatments. We literally transform and save peoples lives with the services we provide. We are looking for a multi talented, passionate, dedicated, fun and growth oriented individual to join our like minded team. We are striving to be the best in all facets of what we do. We provide our patients and clients with a 5 star customer service experience and deliver the transformations and results that they have been unable to get anywhere else. This is an incredible opportunity for the right person. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of we would love the opportunity to meet with you.

The compensation for the position is an hourly rate of $13 to $18 (dependent upon skill set/experience) with the opportunity for future raises, bonuses and/or commissions. The right individual has a very high earning potential and virtually no ceiling with regards to pay. This will ultimately be dependent upon your skill-sets, aptitude, passion, dedication, mindset and your overall desire to take action in order to get whatever it is that you wish to achieve. The more our company grows, the more people we help and serve, the more you will grow and the higher the compensation and individual reward. Again, this is an incredible opportunity for the right person.

If you are SERIOUSLY interested in applying for the position please send your resume as an attachment. Please do not simply copy and paste or you will be excluded as a candidate. Furthermore, answer ALL of the following applicable questions in the body of your email response. Please read all directions carefully, answer all questions completely and complete the initial application as specified. If you do not follow these basic requests and requirements your application will be excluded.

We have you jump through some hoops to weed out weak candidates. Most people wont even take the time and put forth the effort to follow the directions because it requires some thought and work. If you cant follow these directions youre not a good fit. If you simply put forth the effort and follow the steps weve laid out you have a leg up on 99% of the general population and will likely be considered at great candidate!

Please take the time to answer the following questions in a well thought out manner to the best of your ability. Please dont be intimidated. We have high standards, but understand that were not looking for perfection, or someone who hits every mark with flying colors. We are, however, looking for proper execution of this detailed application process as a starting point to see if you are a good fit for this great opportunity.

1.) Are you able to work Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm? Currently Mondays and Wednesdays are scheduled for these hours. On Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays we start at 10:30am. However it is likely that we will need to open up more hours to accommodate our growth, therefore we need a person with flexibility. Also, there is a possibility of working 2 Saturdays a month from 10am to 2pm. Are those days/times feasible if needed?

2.) Do you consider yourself a person who can calmly and effectively adapt to a variety of situations and circumstances? Can you effectively step into a variety of different roles if asked or required? If yes, please explain how, or if you would like give a real world example where you have encountered these types of situations.

3.) Do you consider yourself someone who has strong interpersonal, verbal and customer service skills? If yes, please explain.

4.) Do you have any previous experience/knowledge in any of the following fields? If yes, please explain in which categories and how this experience will be of value to our practice.

Natural Health/Wellness? chiropractic, acupuncture, LMT, naturopathy, integrative/functional, etc

Computer/tech e.g.) email contact lists, graphic design, social media, spreadsheets/analytics, MS office, etc

Business Marketing? e.g.) internet marketing, social media, network, advertising, etc

Sales? General sales, commissioned sales, MLM, sales representative, sales director, etc

5.) Please list your top three most valuable skills that make you a great candidate, and furthermore, your top 3 personal core values that ultimately defines your character.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this initial application process. We will select the top candidates and then invite those individuals in for an initial interview. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you!

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