Highly Skilled Painters

Highly Skilled Painters

11 Apr 2019

Highly Skilled Painters

I am a local construction contractor in search of highly skilled painters. I receive a lot of paint work (new construction and repaints) and I am searching for qualified painters with their ICEC and their own tools, or their own company/crews. I am not looking to hire employees, I am looking to hire qualified subcontractors. Here are the minimum qualifications:

-Several years of high-end painting/coatings experience.

-Knowledge and ability to properly complete a project from start to finish without direct supervision

-ICEC or own your own company (having a crew would be preferable)

-Must have your own tools, including hand tools, sprayers, ladders, etc.

-Clean and professional appearance (including equipment and vehicles)

-Clean, professional, and organized job-sites

-No drug/alcohol abuse, and absolutely no substance use on the job.

-Excellent customer service and communication skills

-Highly motivated and enthusiastic

-Honesty, Integrity, and Quality Craftsmanship (our companys slogan, and our most important qualities)

In order to be considered, you must be able to provide:

-ICEC or Self-Elected Workmans Comp. Policy (as well as ICEC or Workmans Comp for crew members)

-General Liability Insurance

-Registration of your business with the Secretary of State

-Tax ID

-10 references from previous customers

-3 references from other contractors

-pictures of at least 10 other painting/coatings projects you have completed within the last 3 years

-your pricing and bids/contracts policies

- 5 of your most recent bids/contracts (with customer info blacked out)

-your painting/coatings experience and history, and your crews experience/history

If you or your crew would be a great fit and youre looking to take on a bunch of extra painting work, please email or check out our website at adroitbuildersmt.com and call the phone number on the website.

Thank you!

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