18+ Promoter/ $300/Night (Las Vegas)

18+ Promoter/ $300/Night (Las Vegas)

13 Jul 2020

18+ Promoter/ $300/Night (Las Vegas)

Get paid To Invite A Few Girls To Exclusive Events.

This is not a job were you will be giving a chance to "try" or be "trained". You will be giving details to the event and your job is to invite 5-10 girls. We do not pay weekly or monthly we pay you each night!

You will be partying with us in the most exclusive venues in Las Vegas. Free drinks, food This is a easy and fun job if your a social person.

We require you to have a social media presence were you seen as social guy preferable also with attractive girls.

You need to be YOUNG 18+ preferably 21+ and a male

For more info please text 7029960533


- Name

- Instagram

- Age

- Why you're the right fit?


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