Preschool Aide (Parlin)

Preschool Aide (Parlin)

12 Jun 2019

Preschool Aide (Parlin)

Vacancy expired!



The Assistant Teacher reports to the Group Teacher.

Must meet state licensing qualifications

Proven ability to work effectively and professionally with adult staff, parents, and children

Demonstrated skills in effective communication, both written and verbal


1. Assists day-to-day operation of the classroom

2. Assists in the maintaining child discipline and behavior standards using non-punitive methods.

3. Assists in providing periodic testing of emergency response plan.

4. Continues to develop professional self.

5. Able to lift 40 lbs.

6. Other responsibilities as assigned.

7. Cleaning of Classroom and associated spaces including kitchen & restrooms.


1. Establish open communication with preschool families via KidReports.

a. All in-person communication with parents relating to child behavior should be left to Lead Teacher, Head Teacher or Preschool Director

2. Communicate all safety concerns, maintenance, and cleaning needs to Head Teacher or Preschool Director.


1. Assist in the Daily Sign-In & Out of students updating KidReports on meals & diaper changes

2. Share the responsibility for the safety and well-being of the children monitoring their whereabouts at all times

3. Prepare parent-provided snack and assist with clean-up

4. Use positive guidance and redirection when necessary. Model appropriate manners and behavior to help keep children calm, attentive, and safe

5. Assist with transition periods including washing of hands and putting on outdoor gear while encouraging responsibility and independence

6. Report any incidents or concerns to Head Teacher and Preschool Director

7. Help with the maintenance of classroom inventory and student, keeping things clean and orderly

8. Guide and model proper stewardship for the outdoor space

9. Encourage teamwork, sharing, and friendship while respecting students needs to work alone

10. Model integrity, curiosity, responsibility, creativity, and respect for everyone as well as appreciation for diversity

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