Sales PositionHigh Commission (Oakhurst, NJ)

Sales PositionHigh Commission (Oakhurst, NJ)

01 Apr 2019

Sales PositionHigh Commission (Oakhurst, NJ)

Vacancy expired!

Salesman needed to represent Green Degeaser, Laundry Soap, Hand Soap and Plant Shieldall made from renewable plant sources and completely biodegradable.

All you need to be successful in this position is a friendly welcoming personality, a desire to make our planet a better place, and a bit of chutzpah will go a long way. And, if you have a desire to create lots of incomeall the better.


I'll sell you on this product that is made from renewable plant sources and results in a product that is non toxic and bio degradable. Our Go Green Degreaser is in a concentrate that can be diluted for various applications:

1. Heavy degreaser for ranges and hood if restaurants or heavy equipment or engines and auto parts, stripping wax, tank sludge

2 Medium degreaser for carpets, floor, upholstery, vehicle exteriors

3 Light degreaser for table tops, glass

Your customers are schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, auto rental agencies, industrial motor and parts cleaning Use a short 3 minute power point to show them how to replace their chemical environmentally unfriendly products like Zep, Simple Green, Eco Labs with our Go Planet Green biodegradable Degreaser.

Your job is as simple as asking for them to use their petty cash account for a $13 or $20 purchase to give Green a try. We guarantee it to work as well, if not better, than any chemical degreaser they now use.

Compensation: Start at 15% and goes up from there.

Looking for a personable, friendly, self starter for a ground floor opportunity.

Do not apply for this position unless you can ask your prospect for the sale. Every prospect organization has a petty cash account and if you can't confidently ask for a $13 or $25 dollar petty cash purchase to get started with this product, you won't be a good fit for this position. If you can't convey confidence in the product to your prospect, do not apply. Yes, you'll have plenty opportunity to use it for yourself so that you will know it's as good as, if not better, than any other degreaser in the market.

The price point for our degreaser is no higher than the unfriendly chemical degreasers and for many applications and for many applications it is far far less expensive than comparable products. Also available as a marine degreaser with the same pricing.

For more information, go to

Other Bio Friendly products and services available to represent and sell are:

1. Laundry Soap.

2. Hand Soap for all commercial applications.

3. Plant Shield for horticulture, golf courses, orchards, lawns, crops and so on. EPA regulations prohibit us from promoting it as a pesticide.

4. Cleaning facilities such as nursing homes, schools, restaurants, cruise ships, and so on of viruses, bacterial, fungal infections. Again, EPA regulations prohibit us from promoting this service as a disinfectant service.

5. Products direct to individual consumers at

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