Sales Assistant - Onboarding New Homes (Boone, NC)

Sales Assistant - Onboarding New Homes (Boone, NC)

13 Jul 2020

Sales Assistant - Onboarding New Homes (Boone, NC)

We are a vacation rental management company with about 300 homes under management. We have an experienced salesman in need of an assistant to help expand his productivity.

When we receive a new contract to manage a vacation home there is a detailed set up process during which we inspect the home, perform needed maintenance, take pictures, create the online listing, set the home up in all our internal support systems and clean the home to prepare it for a first guest arrival. This position will be focused primarily on executing within that process for each new home coming into our program. This involves communicating with other internal teams (maintenance, cleaning, photography, etc.) for scheduling and getting things done.

Important Skills and Abilities:

- work independently

- ability to learn, navigate and operate intuitively with large software systems

- flexibility amidst changing priorities

- good writing skills for communication with clients, writing listing descriptions, etc.

- strong detail orientation to drive completion in the new home process

Once a home goes live on our site and in our program, all the setup details matter a great deal. If the detailed setup in our systems is not done correctly then it causes downstream problems for Reservations, Maintenance, Cleaning or Accounting departments.

This is a relatively high visibility position within our company of 45+ employees. We are looking for an individual who is capable and eager to learn and grow. If you fit this description and have the strengths and abilities listed above, we look forward to hearing from you. As a first step, please send a brief note and your resume.

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