Industrial Bakery Production Workers 1st Shift- Start ASAP! (Huntersville)

Industrial Bakery Production Workers 1st Shift- Start ASAP! (Huntersville)

02 Apr 2020

Industrial Bakery Production Workers 1st Shift- Start ASAP! (Huntersville)

Vacancy expired!

Our industrial bakery factory is hiring immediately for production employees in Huntersville. A basic resume is required to apply.


On Time

Comfortable with lifting

Flexible schedule

Work Schedule-


Product Dependent - the schedule changes based off of what product is being made

Regular Schedule: 6AM to 1:30AM

Can be 11AM to 7PM, 9AM to 5PM or 8AM to 4 PM based on product and position (Normally Monday-Wednesday)


Starts at $11

Up to $16 based on experience and performance


FREE insurance for employee! ($20 copays for primary, specialist and urgent care, $100 for ER) Insurance for family offered.

Two weeks of vacation each year

Paid holidays off

10 hours of sick time after 90 days, 3.3 hours of sick time given per month


Free Basic Life Insurance. Extended offered.

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