Tire Technician (La Grande)

Tire Technician (La Grande)

01 Apr 2019

Tire Technician (La Grande)

Vacancy expired!

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Primary Job Function:

Mounting and dismounting tires, flat repair and inspection. This is core of the business function and a starting point to all other positions.


Actively participates in training and development opportunities. Learn and apply safety procedures and abide by all company policies.

Essential Job Functions:

- Place wheels on balancing machine to determine counterweights required to balance wheels.

- Raise vehicles, using hydraulic jacks.

- Remount wheels onto vehicles.

- Locate and repair by sealing punctures in tubeless tires by inserting adhesive material and expanding

rubber plugs into punctures.

- Replace valve stems and remove puncturing objects.

- Patch over ruptures in the tire casings.

- Prepare rims and wheel drums for reassembly by scraping or grinding.

- Dismount and rotate tires.

- Buff defective areas of inner tubes using scrapers.

- Identify tire size and ply and inflate tires by manufactures specified weight.

- Other duties may include customer courtesy driver, answer phones and counter sales, product

pickup/delivery. May also be asked to assist with alignments and in the Lube area.

Job Knowledge:

- Mount, dismount, air pressure checks, balancing, tire rotation and flat repairs.

- Ensure lug nuts are tightened to the proper torque specifications.

- Inspect brake pads.

- Recommends preventative services when warranted.


- 18 years of age or older

- A valid driver’s license (required)

- Clean driving record

Job Details

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