Community Manager(s) Needed (Salem)

Community Manager(s) Needed (Salem)

16 May 2019

Community Manager(s) Needed (Salem)

Vacancy expired!

We are in need of a team or individual to oversee the management and light maintenance of a manufactured housing community in Salem, OR. Previous management experience with manufactured housing communities or storage facilities is a plus.



o Collect and deposit on the day of collection all space rents and additional fees and charges.

o Follow-up on late/delinquent rents.

o Issue late rent notices and initiate and attends any eviction proceedings as necessary.


o Enforce terms of Rental Agreements and all Facility rules and regulations in accordance with company/Facility policy to ensure tenant compliance.

o Supervise placement of RV's and manufactured homes into the Facility.

o Ensure compliance with home standards, Facility rules and regulations, governmental codes and requirements, applicable setbacks, and manufactured home and RV set-up specifications, including the installation and construction of skirting, awnings, steps, gutters and downspouts with rain-drains to street, porches, and decks, and completion of landscaping.

o Issue non-compliance notices and initiate and attend any eviction proceedings as necessary.

o Promptly notify Area Manager of all outstanding non-compliance notices.


o Prepare monthly manager's report and maintain petty cash fund and tenant histories.

o Maintain individual tenant files and archive records for three (3) or six (6) years as required by law and current tenant telephone list.

o Review tenant applications, screen potential tenants, execute rental agreements and all other required documents after approval.

o Promote and rent vacant home and RV spaces. The same applies where there are Facility-owned homes for sale or rent and/or apartments.

o Contact and follow-up with local area manufactured home dealers and Facility managers to ensure that they are aware of vacancies and any promotional program being offered to attract new tenants.

o Maintain and update Facility inventory list with model and serial numbers of equipment. All tools and Facility property must be listed.

o Maintain and update Facility vendor/supplier lists with phone numbers and contact person(s).

o Post and/or distribute notices to tenants as required by Employer and keep copy in applicable tenant file.

o Purchase of goods and services for amounts of $50.00 or more require Area Manager approval.


o Maintain all common areas, grounds, vacant and abandoned yards/spaces, landscaping, trees, shrubs, hedges, bushes, etc. including, but not limited to mowing, fertilizing, weeding, trimming, pruning, edging and keeping clean and free of debris.

o Maintain and repair all rental homes.

o Maintain and clean street surfaces, paint speed bumps, and re-stripe common parking areas as needed.

o Maintain and test all Facility equipment including vehicles, lawn mowing equipment, miscellaneous tools, etc.

o Paint and/or repair Facility structures as necessary.

o Maintain, clean, and keep free of debris all drains, ditches, streets, parking areas, and sidewalks and road frontage

o Maintain and clean recreation building, laundry facilities and RV storage area.

o Perform any other specific tasks as may be directed by management. Some of the tasks listed below may not be applicable to your Facility.

o Contact and follow-up with local repair/service contracts on sewer pump maintenance.

o Be familiar with and prepared to operate back-up portable gas powered sewer pump in case of primary power failure.

This is a part time position working no more than 10 hours per week. If this position interests you, please email your resume.

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