Market Pavilion Hotel - Evening Security Ambassador

Market Pavilion Hotel - Evening Security Ambassador

19 May 2019

Market Pavilion Hotel - Evening Security Ambassador

Vacancy expired!



Recipients of this Security Ambassador position must have a desire to be guest focused with a willingness to please and exceed the expectations of our guests. Recipients must be friendly, and hospitable with the ability to make positive interactions with each of our visitors.

Recipient of this position will be selected with the understanding that they will be the first impression for all of our hotel and visiting dining guests. Recipients of this position must be a quick-stepped, energetic and an enthusiastic representative and greeter of guests upon their arrival to the front entrance of the Market Pavilion Hotel.


The Security individual must warmly greet and welcome all guests entering the hotel to include: guests arriving as hotel check-ins or as dining guests at one of our two vibrant restaurants, Grill 225 and the Pavilion Bar.

The Individual will ensure that patrons are within the standards of the Market Pavilion Hotel's evening dress code. The Individual must be steadfast, confident and polite when interacting with guests, and must follow the company's conversational structure when enforcing the company's dress code.

The primary function of this Security Ambassador position will be to verify guest ID's and to ensure that guests who enter the property after 6pm are over the age of 21.

This security position is not a position where the individual will need to physically place their hands on guests or physically remove them by force. At our property, 99.999% of all issues can be solved with diplomacy and by politely asking the agitator to leave the premises. Assistance and support are also provided by our Charleston Police officer on duty within the hotel.

Although we are seeking a steadfast and confident candidate, this position is not for the stone-faced or unfriendly individual. The ideal recipient of this position, must be a hospitable individual who is inherently warm, friendly and who likes to smile.

The Individual will be required to perform all functions of their job to a Next-Level and high luxury standard. The recipient will be well trained and will be required to follow the company's defined interactive conversational procedures to ensure that we are professionally exceeding the expectations of our guests.


The ideal applicants will possess experience in providing security services in a restaurant, hospitality or related environment.

The Security Ambassador will be responsible for responding to disturbances within all areas of the hotel premises which include all public areas and guestroom floors.

The Security Ambassador will be responsible for ensuring that guests at the outdoor Pavilion Bar are not physically obstructing service areas, guest pathways, entrances or exits.

The Security staff member will be required to intervene and politely confront patrons who are disturbing other patrons within the property.

The Security Ambassador will be responsible for politely escorting guests, who are excessively disturbing our environment and other patrons, out of the property.

The Individual is required to acknowledge and greet pedestrians as they walk past our front entrance throughout the evening.

The Individual is required to acknowledge, thank and invite guests back to visit as they exit the property.


The security Individual will be a uniformed hotel representative stationed at the front entrance of the hotel among bell staff members. Although the security staff members primary job requirement is to remain as a constant security presence at the front entrance, the security individual will be required to provide assistance with Bell staff during periods of high demand. This assistance is provided within the front exterior and loading zone area at the hotel.


Assist guests with exiting their vehicles by proactively opening vehicle doors as they arrive at the front entrance to the hotel.

Assist guests with entering their vehicles by proactively opening car doors once the car has been retrieved for their departure.

Assist guests on occasion with luggage handling at the time of arrival and at the check-in process.

The Individual will be responsible to assist valet with accepting Hotel check-ins as well as dinner vehicles from guests throughout the evening for Grill 225 and the Pavilion Bar.

The Individual will ensure that guest vehicles are properly tagged for a hand-off to the valet / bellman if a vehicle has been initially received by the security staff member.

The Security staff member will be supported and will work closely with the bell staff during their shift. The bell staff are responsible for valeting dinner guest vehicles, and also assisting guests with hotel arrivals.

The Security staff member must be able to properly follow and utilize arrival and departure reporting data that contains important information as it pertains to the fulfillment of the hotel's commitments that are being provided to the guests during their stay.

Recipients of this Security Ambassador position may be required to drive guest vehicles on occasion. All applicants must have a good driving record and must have the ability to operate vehicles with care and competency to maintain their position in good standing.


The ideal candidate will have good schedule flexibility with the willingness to work weekdays, weekends and occasional holidays. Hours vary from (5:45pm - 12:30am Sunday - Wednesday) and (5:45pm - 2am Friday and Saturday). Full-time applicants with wide-ranging schedule flexibility will be given first consideration for this position. Part-time applicants will also be considered for this position.


Security Ambassador pay ranges from $15.00-$17.00 per hour based on the candidate's level of previous experience.

Meals are provided at no charge to the recipient with this position.


Pre-employment drug testing is a definite reality in our company, and is a mandatory requirement for all eligible candidates. Contingent upon the candidate's ability to advance beyond the interviewing and background screening process, eligible employees will then be instructed to report to our company's designated drug testing facility in person. An eligible candidate who successfully passes the drug screening test at our approved testing facility will then be provided a Passing Certificate of Documentation. This Passing Certificate of Documentation on record will be required before the candidate is potentially offered a final position within our company. Applicants are encouraged to be aware of their ability to successfully pass our pre-employment drug screening test before investing any aspect of their valuable personal time with respect to our company's comprehensive application process.


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