Best Electrician in the Whole Wide World (Colorado Springs)

Best Electrician in the Whole Wide World (Colorado Springs)

02 Jun 2020

Best Electrician in the Whole Wide World (Colorado Springs)

Vacancy expired!

Would you like an opportunity to come to beautiful Colorado and have someone pay you to do it? Are you looking for that one chance to make a change? Are you a licensed Electrician? Did you know we'll pay you up to $4,000 to relocate? You are probably reading this right now and wondering if you should apply or not. Well, let me help you out.


Most people assume Colorado only has tons of snow and mountains to ski. While there is plenty of that to do in our majestic mountains, what most don't know is that Colorado has 300 days with sunshine each year! I have played golf in May, taken the kids to the park in October and played football while wearing shorts on Thanksgiving Day. Still, there is no doubt we are surrounded by the breath taking Rocky Mountains. In fact, Colorado has 43 mountains that are over 14,000 feet in elevation. We call them the14ers. You've probably heard the song "America the Beautiful" with its' Purple Mountain Majesties? Well, that song was inspired by a mountain called Pikes Peak, which is 14,115 feet tall. I can see that very mountain as I write this from my desk sitting in my Wirenut office. But, we aren't all mountains and country. Downtown Denver and Colorado Springs has tons of night life and outstanding restaurants, especially in the LoDo district surrounding Coors Field. In short, Colorado has something for everyone and we are never bored. Obviously the surroundings are great.

Why? Well, let me share with you why our company is a great place to have a career and where I choose to work. The Wirenut began in 2004 and has steadily grown every year since. We have achieved INC. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in The United States multiple years and still running. We are rather proud of that. The reason that fact is important to you is we have never had a layoff and there is room for advancement The majority of people I meet say they want a home, a company that does not cap their growth, and a company that treats their employee's well. Here you get all of that and then some. We recognize that you spend more time at work than with your family, and Technicians are "The Heart" of our company. Because you are important to our Wirenut family, we provide health insurance, life insurance, paid vacation, paid holidays, quarterly company functions, weekly and monthly competitions and numerous "Team-Building" exercises plus much, much more. For example, we recently did a scavenger hunt all over the city and finished the afternoon with a family BBQ at a local park. . .while getting paid! Another time we shut the office down and the Wirenut paid for us to spend the entire day at Elitches Amusement Park. We also offer a wide range of benefits including medical, dental vision, 401k, short/long term disability along with Paid Vacation. We have an awesome atmosphere within a great family company. Now all we are missing is you!

That is exactly why you need to reply with your resume. We are excited at the opportunity to talk with you, a one of a kind technician with limitless potential. We hope you are excited for the opportunity as well.

All we ask from you is Have a Colorado electrical license or hold valid State license of reciprocity: Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. If you don't have a reciprocating license, we ask at a minimum that you attain your RW within 90 days of employment.

We will discuss the rest. I can't wait to speak with you.

So, you read this far.

I've got to ask, what's the delay? Colorful Colorado awaits!

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