Electrician (Lexington, VA)

Electrician (Lexington, VA)

13 Jul 2020

Electrician (Lexington, VA)

We are currently seeking ELECTRICIANS for a project in LEXINGTON, VA.

Electricians must be capable of planning layout, installing, and repairing wiring, electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control equipment.

Electricians must be experienced and proficient with the following Duties/Responsibilities:

-Efficient installation of wiring and equipment in a safe and cost effective manner, in compliance with local and national electrical codes with clean and appealing finished look

-Measure, cut, bend, thread, and assemble/install electrical conduit using tools such as hacksaw, pipe threader and conduit bender.

- Pull wiring through conduit assisted by helper.

- Splice/Connecting wiring to lighting fixtures and power equipment using hand tools

- Install control and distribution apparatus, such as switches, relays and circuit breaker panels

- Connects power cables to equipment such as electric range or motor and installs grounding leads.

-Tests circuits, repairing/fixing issues and troubleshooting

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