Insurance enroller (West Virginia)

Insurance enroller (West Virginia)

07 Feb 2019

Insurance enroller (West Virginia)

Vacancy expired!

I need an experienced Insurance person, for a part time enroller position.

You will need reliable transportation, and be able to work with Law Enforcement and First Responders, regional travel is required, early and late hours.

We have all the prospects, you will just show up to a department, do a group briefing and sit down with clients and write business...

You must be adaptable and tough, Law Enforcement, and First responders can see through BS, insurance sales...We don't need slick sales people, just honest hard workers, as you will have to learn our script 100% verbatim, then deliver it in a tough group setting...

Type A personalities are great, male or female our top #1 agent last year, and 3 of the top 5 were female!

You will be my partner, and I have traveled and worked the entire state of Kentucky since 2012, developing a solid reputation of integrity and service, and I have thousands of departments who need to be serviced, I just need help servicing them!

You can do more or less and your income will 100% depend on your effort and could range from $30,000---$50,000 part-time. This is a 100% commission only position.

full-time is available, after you prove yourself, and $75,000---plus is attainable

If you are tough, and disciplined and need an honest legitimate position, where you can make solid money, based on your effort, where we provide rigorous training and unparalleled support, and where you can meet with people who readily buy from you, without you having to try and trick people to buy, or use fancy sales tactics, this position is for you... If you need benefits, salary, guarantees etc. an easy position where you need someone to hold you hand... this is not for you...

This is great rewarding opportunity, for the right person... is that you?

interested? Email me with a phone contact number that I can call you on an discuss

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