Reverse Selling is Life Changing (USA)

Reverse Selling is Life Changing (USA)

11 Feb 2019

Reverse Selling is Life Changing (USA)

This is your chance to experience true financial freedom once and for all! This is your opportunity to STOP "STRAIGHT SELLING" and START "REVERSE SELLING"! What does that mean? It means GIVING MONEY, RATHER THAN TAKING MONEY! This is not merely SAVING money, this is GIVING money. That's right. Do you think you could "sell" FREE, NO RISK money to business owners? Of course you can! Do you think you could "sell" WITHOUT EVER ASKING FOR A PENNY? No doubt you could! In fact, OUR CLOSE RATIO IS 82%! That's because EVERYONE WANTS FREE MONEY! The only reason our close ratio isn't 100% is because a few businesses don't qualify. And we're not talking about peanuts here. OUR AVERAGE WINDFALL EXCEEDS $200,000!

• Working with us gives you a very unique MARKET DIFFERENTIATION. Traditional salespeople try to convince a prospect to WANT TO BUY their product or service, as much as the salesperson WANTS TO SELL it. It's no wonder the close ratio for traditional sales is SO LOW. We, on the other hand, AREN'T SELLING ANYTHING! We offer businesses our professional services AT NO COST TO THEM. We work for FREE, and are only compensated from the SUBSTANTIAL WINDFALL we secure for them.

• Offering businesses FREE MONEY will OPEN DOORS like nothing else. After all, what business owner DOESN'T WANT FREE MONEY? So you will have an ENDLESS SUPPLY of business owners to talk to. Give them the FREE MONEY they qualify for, and receive a lucrative commission for doing so. But then, once you have their FULL ATTENTION & TRUST, you have the option to sell them whatever else you have to offer. You don't have to do this, but some of our agents are also insurance agents, tax professionals, accountants, business brokers, attorneys, etc. These agents are making a substantial commission from OUR SERVICES, AS WELL AS FROM THEIR SERVICES. Our proprietary and highly in-demand service opens doors for our agents that were previously shut tight.

• Working with us gives you CREDIBILITY. You will be representing a knowledgeable & skilled TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS including consultants, project managers, engineers, intellectual property attorneys, expense auditors, etc. Our team of experts has saved businesses OVER $500,000,000 over the past 15 years, so we clearly know what we're doing! Our reputation & experience is renowned. And you will find it refreshing to work with a company full of such credibility & integrity.

• We're a national TAX & COST MITIGATION FIRM. What we do requires a high level of knowledge & skill. What we bring to business owners is UNAVAILABLE TO THE VAST MAJORITY OF BUSINESSES. But fortunately, YOU DON'T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND all of the complexities of our unique services in order to "sell" them. Leave that to our team of professionals.

• Our highly competent and experienced CLOSING TEAMS will close your prospect for you. First, you're not TAKING people's money, only GIVING them money. But in addition, you don't even have to "sell" people on taking advantage of this exciting opportunity. That's why 82% of the time, you'll walk away with a 4-6, and some of our associates have gotten 7 figure commission on a single client!

• We know how to access MULTIPLE SOURCES OF FREE MONEY. One size NEVER fits everyone. That's why you will absolutely love our wide array of services. We have something for almost EVERYONE. For example, do you know a business owner who hires employees? (Silly question, right?) We can add $2600 OR MORE to a business's bottom line every time they hire someone. Do you know someone looking for a better job? You can help them stand out from the crowd and to even be sought-after! Most businesses are OVERPAYING on things like property taxes, worker's compensation & merchant processing. We can GET A REFUND FOR THEM. This is just a small sampling of what we do. And the list goes on, and on...

• In addition to our "initial" compensation, many of our services provide "RESIDUAL INCOME" as well. This residual income can easily and quickly grow much larger than your initial income. So as you can see, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to your earning potential with our firm.

We're looking for honest, hard-working salespeople who are comfortable and confident talking to business owners. You must be able to communicate effectively in person or by phone. Sending emails is also helpful. The schedule is flexible. You can work PT or FT. But most of your work will be during business hours.

You can come work for us or add us to what you're doing now to help open up more doors for your current business. We have a proprietary software that will help explode your business like it has for other agents nationwide.

Send me an email make sure to include your name, email address, work availability, and a brief outline of your applicable work history. Lets make 2019 your best year ever financially!

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