Hiring Remodelers (Cochise County)

Hiring Remodelers (Cochise County)

31 Dec 2019

Hiring Remodelers (Cochise County)

Vacancy expired!

A+ Texture is looking for guys with EXPERIENCE and WORK ETHIC.

We are a full service remodeling company. Skills include but are not limited to: Drywall, Painting, Flooring, Electrical, Cabinetry including kitchens and trim, Carpentry, Countertops, Plumbing etc. Our jobs range from right here in Sierra Vista and include Nogales, Douglas, Benson, Wilcox etc.

Do not waste your time and mine unless you can meet all of the criteria to follow...


1. Valid drivers license

2. A reliable vehicle that is YOURS to get you to work ON TIME 5 DAYS A WEEK

3. Must be willing to work out of town including over nights.

4. Reliable wife, girlfriend or babysitter so you can show up to work ON TIME 5 DAYS A WEEK

5. Clean drug screening so you can show up to work ON TIME 5 DAYS A WEEK

6. Must not be a thief

MUST be able to pass AT LEAST 8 of these 12 tasks to even be considered... Yes, you will be tested.

1. Run a clean bead of caulk that does not end up all over yourself and the floor.

2. Use a hand masker to mask a window for paint, without using half a roll of tape.

3. Use a paint brush to cut in a CLEAN line without dripping paint on the floor.

4. Use a paint roller and walk with it while not dripping paint on the floor.

5. Tell the difference between straight and crooked, level and not level.

6. Install trim including CLEAN angles.

7. Tape and finish a drywall joint.

8. Match existing textures.

9. Install a ceiling fan or light fixture.

10. Install a light switch or receptacle.

11. Install a toilet.

12. Change a plumbing valve for a sink or toilet.

13. Not use tobacco for at least 3 hour intervals.

14. Pass random drug screening.

15. Must be able to apply common sense, follow instructions and think ahead while working.

**Send work history and qualifications to attached email***

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