Press Assistant/Factory Helper (Old Saybrook)

Press Assistant/Factory Helper (Old Saybrook)

31 Dec 2019

Press Assistant/Factory Helper (Old Saybrook)

Vacancy expired!

This position has been created to build our resources towards qualified printers trained by us in our environment and to our systems. This position focusses on supporting the press room and inspection departments as well as faculty maintenance duties

B. Responsibilities

a. Pressroom duties:

• Pull job tickets and understand all aspects

• Pull dies, stock, print cylinders

• Mount Plates

• Mix Inks

• Assist in cleaning presses and equipment

• Work end of press as required

• Put away dies, clean plates, put away print cylinders and left over stock

• Occasionally run jobs on presses or keep press running while operators at lunch on long running jobs

• Keep presses stocked with cleaning supplies (soaps, solvents, wipes, etc)

b. Factory Helper Duties

• Empty plant and office trash (press room 3 times per day)

• Assist as needed in shipping/receiving

• Make sure supplies are in restrooms, offices

• Vacuum offices/stairs

• Clean rest rooms

• Load rolls for inspection as requested

PA/FH shall have a HS diploma/GED in addition to 1-2 years in an industrial environment with printing experience desired. Lifting up to 70 pounds is a must, ability to listen to, understand and complete word of mouth instructions and ability to read and understand directions and instruction to learn the job for possible advancement to level of Press Operator. Attention to detail and cleanliness are key conditions to this position. At the discretion of the President work experience may be substituted for formal education.

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