Looking for Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Busser/Dishwasher, Servers (Riverdale Park, MD)

Looking for Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Busser/Dishwasher, Servers (Riverdale Park, MD)

08 Feb 2019

Looking for Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Busser/Dishwasher, Servers (Riverdale Park, MD)

Vacancy expired!

We'd love to hear from you! Email resume to info@bananablossombistro.com


Banana Blossom Bistro (BBB) is set to open in January 2019 at 6202 Rhode Island Avenue in Riverdale Park, MD. Owned by local residents, BBB will serve up authentic Vietnamese dishes in an upscale fast casual dine in/out bistro.

At BBB, we believe the joy of work is in the reward of accomplishing more than was expected. Whether in quality, hospitality, ambiance, cleanliness or service, we aim HIGHER. Our mission? To use food & hospitality as our vessel to share, connect, grow and thrive with our guests and our community.


Banana Blossom Bistro will deliver handmade classic Vietnamese favorites, like pho (our family specialty), banh mi, and a signature banana blossom salad. A diverse array of handcrafted beverages will be available, including Vietnamese coffee, specialty smoothies, iced and hot teas with flavorful toppings - like boba and coffee jelly - for a custom experience.


We are all people first - at our core, BBB cares deeply for the community that we serve. Our first customers are our staff, which is why we strive to build a warm, supportive, family-oriented (and fun) work culture.

We're currently seeking team members for the following positions:

Line Cook

Food Prep

Counter Server



We'd love to hear from you! Email resumes to info@bananablossombistro.com. For updates, follow us on Facebook & Instagram @bananablossombistro


Line Cook:

The Commanders of the restaurant. The Line Cook complies with and enforces food sanitation regulations and safety standards, works closely with the Chef and GM to monitor & stock inventory appropriately to ensure quality control and minimize waste, and maintains a positive and professional approach with coworkers and guests. Responsible for the quality of products served, the Line Cook works the grill & deep fryer, assembles Pho bowls, and on occasion will do some sautéing and stir-frying; the line cook is also responsible for setup and cleanup of stations. In addition to cooking meats, seafood, vegetables and other hot food products, the Line Cook prepares and portions food products prior to cooking and performs other duties in the areas of food and final plate preparation, including plating and garnishing of cooked items and preparing appropriate garnishes for all hot menu items.

Prep Cook:

The Wingmen of the restaurant. The Prep Cook follows the daily prep list and performs routine kitchen tasks, such as labeling and stocking ingredients on shelves, preparing cooking ingredients by washing and chopping vegetables, cutting meat. etc. The Prep Cook uses a variety of equipment to cook and prepare meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables and beverage ingredients. Additionally, the Prep Cook maintains a clean and orderly kitchen by washing dishes, sanitizing surfaces, taking out trash, etc. The Prep Cook complies with nutrition and sanitation guidelines. When necessary, the Prep Cook can fill in for the counter server or Line Cook.

Counter Server:

The Brand Ambassadors of the restaurant. As the first point of contact, the Counter Server's primary objective is to uplift the dining experience for guests by promoting and upholding BBB's high standards for hospitality. In addition to having the patience, personality and perseverance to thrive in this role, the Counter Server is also a team player who is able to effectively communicate with Kitchen Staff to ensure the accuracy and prompt delivery of orders. The Counter Server must have strong organizational and multitasking skills, with the ability to perform well in a fast-paced environment. As Brand Ambassadors, the Counter Server is an expert in BBB's menu offerings and is able to consult guests on menu selections by offering menu recommendations and providing detailed menu information when asked (i.e., ingredients, potential food allergens, portions, how each dish is prepared, etc.). Additionally, the Counter Server should up-sell additional products when appropriate. Other Counter Server front-of-house responsibilities include maintaining a clean, sanitary and organized service counter, cleaning duties such as sweeping, mopping, washing dishes when necessary and keeping equipment and facilities sanitary.


The Unsung Heroes of the restaurant. The Busser/Dishwasher position is unique in that it requires both front and back of house support. The Busser/Dishwasher maintains the highest of health and safety standards at ALL kitchen and dining areas. Some Busser responsibilities include clearing soiled dishes and utensils from tables, cleaning tabletops, chairs, booths, and the floor under and around the tables immediately after guests leave, monitoring and cleaning restrooms frequently, carrying food, dishes, trays or silverware from kitchen or supply areas to serving counters. In addition to performing serving, cleaning, or stocking duties to facilitate the highest standards of guest service and efficient operations, the Busser/Dishwasher washes and cleans tableware, pots, pans and cooking equipment, takes out the trash and cleans trash bins, and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the restaurant constantly remains clean, orderly, and sanitary.


The most coordinated Team Spirit Leaders of the restaurant. The Barista/Runner is responsible for beautifully preparing coffee, bubble teas, smoothies and other specialty drinks following recipes, monitoring and stocking beverage inventory, maintaining a clean, sanitary and orderly beverage station, and running beverages and food orders to guests when necessary. The Barista is responsible for educating guests on our beverage (and food) menus, making recommendations based on guest preferences, and up-selling special items. Additionally, the Barista is responsible for complying with health and safety regulations, monitoring and cleaning all beverage equipment, and reporting any maintenances needs to management. Equally important, the Barista/Runner is also an advocate of guest services, providing front of house support by assisting guests with carrying food to their tables, answering questions, troubleshooting and mitigating guest complaints - ultimately elevating the guest dining experience. That said, the Barista/Runner needs to have knowledge on all facets of BBB menu offerings and operations.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $11.50 to $13.50 /hour

We'd love to hear from you! Email resume to info@bananablossombistro.com

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