Minor League Baseball FIELDf/x System Operator (Fort Myers, FL)

Minor League Baseball FIELDf/x System Operator (Fort Myers, FL)

02 Apr 2020

Minor League Baseball FIELDf/x System Operator (Fort Myers, FL)

Vacancy expired!

Are you a baseball fan who bats 1.000 with computer and PC gaming skills?

Heres your chance to get on deck with SMT, the industry leader in sports broadcast technology. Check out this opportunity to break onto the ground floor operating our player tracking technology (FIELDf/x®) for the Fort Myers Miracle.

Please note, this is not a remote position, applicant must live within a 45 minute drive of the ballpark. Please be sure your resume is updated and has current city of residence, otherwise the application will not be considered.

Position Summary:

The successful candidate will be an avid baseball fan who has extensive PC gaming experience, especially with the use of keyboard shortcuts and gaming mouse. A general understanding of computer hardware, software and general Windows OS structure is desired. This position requires an exceptional attention span to simultaneously monitor four computer applications, follow the events of the game without becoming distracted, and ability to quickly complete ball trajectories and player paths for each pitch of the game. A strong comprehension of the positions, rules, and statistics of major league baseball is a plus.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

ª Verify all tracking system components are in working order

ª Operation of the tracking system during the game

ª System maintenance when required

ª Troubleshooting system components: computers, cameras, cabling, networking

ª Relay system issues to support staff for repair or replacement


¦ Excellent attention to detail

¦ Ability to quickly process feedback from the system and adjust in real time

¦ Ability to work well under pressure and complete tasks on time

¦ Ability to follow daily checklists and other written procedures

¦ Understanding of normal Major League Baseball play (position IDs, stolen bases, pickoffs, etc )

¦ Strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills

¦ Knowledge of computer hardware, software and Window OS system

¦ Pass system certification

¦ Comfortable trouble shooting system issues via telephone or Instant Messenger

¦ Must be available to work both day and night games as required including weekday matinee games and games on Federal holidays.

Desired Qualifications:

¦ Extensive PC gaming skills (use of hotkeys and gaming mouse)

¦ Open availability (This position is ideal for college students on summer break)

Sample Game Day Procedure:

Pre Game (30 minutes before game)

“ Check in with tech support

“ Perform external hard drive swap and prepare swapped hard drive for return

“ Verify system software and hardware components are operating as expected

“ Prepare lighting and field area in software for optimal tracking

“ Complete pre game check list

In Game

“ Operate system

Enter player IDs (offensive and defensive) and edit/complete/verify player paths.

Mark ball events (pitch, catch, release, bounces, etc.) to create ball trajectories

Adjust lighting and tracking components accordingly in software as needed during game for optimal tracking.

“ Monitor system performance

Post Game (15-45 minutes)

“ Review resolved game for errors and correct accordingly making sure to note corrections

“ Submit game report

“ Start game data upload and compression

“ Check out with tech support

Compensation is $15 per hour. Must be available for a majority of weekday, evening and weekend HOME games.

Please apply to the link below, and include any baseball knowledge/experience you have:


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