Maintenance Technician - Apartments (Statesboro)

Maintenance Technician - Apartments (Statesboro)

13 Jul 2020

Maintenance Technician - Apartments (Statesboro)

This is a five hundred and forty six bed community full of college students, their pets, and their maintenance needs.

Let me tell you why it’s worth it.

We could try and play up all the great things about the property (and there are a lot), while keeping the dirty deets under wraps. But that’s not who we are.

This is one of the top properties in the area. We have a large pool, sand volleyball court, pet friendly apartments, garages, lots of green space, you name it we got it. And you already know what that means

It means power washing, changing air filters, combing through the sand courts, picking up broken glass, replacing door handles that some kind individual decided to rip off, arranging coals/bricks in the pit, replacing light bulbs, replacing smoke detector batteries, getting the beer cans out of the pond that Billy Bob and his friends decided would be a good target last weekend.

Oh yeah, we’d also like you to get along with the people that get to enjoy all this neat stuff and play nice with the coworkers that stay in the clubhouse.

Are you still there? Good. Now here is why it’s worth it.

A pretty generous salary. Medical, dental and vision benefits, plenty of vacation days, as well as paid sick time. You think that’s it? NOPE. Let’s say you really hustled all year. You completed every work order, you worked well with the General Manager to keep residents happy, you pointed out stuff that could be done better, you fixed something before it went wrong. I mean, you laughed at Becky in 301-A’s joke about her water heater for crying out loud. You know what? You just got a bonus. Mhm. And you earned it.

Monarch 301 is owned and operated by a couple of brothers whose goal is to see you succeed. They truly want their employees to be just as happy and satisfied as their residents. They didn’t want a run of the mill ad listing requirements, competencies, objectives, expectations, blah blah blah. I can feel you dozing off already. They wanted someone who clicks right in with the culture here. Go to our website. Come visit the clubhouse. Everywhere you look the message is that we Live Different. Not just the residents but the employees too. We seek out people who we think could pick up what we’re puttin’ down. Someone that doesn’t meet expectations but exceeds them. Not because they feel like they have to but because they want to. Because it feels better to plop your butt on the couch after you’ve given it all you got that day. And hell, it’s friday; you’ve already spent the entire week with your coworkers, let’s all go out and grab a beer.

These maintenance tech requirements are pretty straightforward. What’s difficult is finding someone with the corresponding work ethic. And to make this role harder to fill, we prefer to hire people that make us smile. Because if you’re going to be spending at least 20 hours of your week here, you better have a sense of humor.

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