Construction helper (oahu)

Construction helper (oahu)

01 Apr 2019

Construction helper (oahu)

Vacancy expired!

Looking for entry level or some experience construction helper(s).


- Be able to read a tape measure

- Be able to add and subtract fractions !

( This is important. Don't BS because I will be giving a written test on fractions on Day 1. If you don't get 100% or out. Also be sure you can read a tape measure. All the trades revolve around Math so you have to have strong math skills)

- Must be able to lift 80lbs

- Must be in good shape/ have to squeeze in to tight spaces/ climb ladders etc

- Must be sociable , we work in peoples homes so have to be able to talk to customers

Don't tolerate:

Sticky fingers/ zero tolerance for thieves

Zero tolerance for meth or coke. I've been around, my lead guy has been around, we know the signs of someone on drugs.

What we do:

- Carpentry, Painting, Tile, Drywall, Flooring, Light Electrical and Plumbing , Small Cement Jobs

What you will do:

Current Job: Drywall, painting, flooring, electrical

So what you will be doing are these things. I will teach you. In construction you have to learn quick. I will explain once. Ask me any questions at that time. After that I will assume you understand. It cost me time and money to teach someone so I don't have time to keep going over the thing over and over. I am fairly patient, I think, so don't think you cant ask me a question. But I dislike explaining something over and over. Also IF you last, and we do a certain thing now, make sure you can remember what you did and learned 3 months from now if you end up doing the same thing.

To me, the work we generally do is not extremely physically difficult. But you have to be able to keep your body moving the entire time. This is not a lick back, sit down job.

Must have a good eye for details

From day one, you will have to produce professional quality work. If you getting paid for a job, you are considered a professional .

Must have a high degree of common sense As they say , common sense is not so common. If you have common sense you can generally figure things out. I do remodels and repairs, so its all about figuring things out, every day.

There used to be four of us working. I used to give a guy a ride , for 10 years, I moved and he didn't want to catch the bus. So be left. Another guy recently had to go the mainland for a few months. And my main guy, is going on a two week trip with his church , coming back April 10. So that leaves me alone and I need help. Sometimes its a pain hiring guys with too much experience, get attitude if I tell them how I want something done. So will try see if someone with none or little experience works out.

Im not a math teacher so I don't and will not teach you how to add and substract or even divide fractions. You have to know this BASIC math already. That's all we work with is a tape measure and fractions. So know these. Don't waste your or my time thinking you can fake it. I have never laid someone off for personal reasons, its always professional reasons. Keep this in mind if you get hired and you don't make it

Be : On time, respectful, good attitude, listen and learn, good work ethics, meth free and come with the basic skills of reading a tape and fraction skills. And you will probably make it. Don't have all these qualities and you wont.

Current Job in Kaneohe, another one in April in Kaneohe, then Kailua and at the same time as these I have to do some tile in Makaha. You need a reliable way to get to work!

I think I have been clear on what we do, the basic skills and qualities you NEED to have. IF you think you have what it takes, then let me know about yourself. I am busy so I don't do interviews. If you want the job then tell me your qualifications, tell me about yourself. Maybe tell me why I should hire you instead of Joe Blow who also applied. Basically , from what you write me I can tell who has some brains and education. What we do is good for people that have brains but don't want to work in some office or stuck behind a desk. Always do different stuff and always learn new things. Ive been doing it for over 20 years and every job practically I run into something new.

Pay isn't that great, 600/wk.

I cant pay much because I have to take my time to teach/supervise/inspect. But over time , as one learns more, can work independently, less questions, you buy your own tools, then you can make more That's construction.

I will not consider job responses like " Hey brah I get experience hire me I ready fo work".

Trust me, in the over ten years Ive been on my own, every time I ever posted a job offer on CL I get some responses like that.

Im going to pick the 1 or 2 guys , that I feel seem the most intelligent. Don't BS me because I don't tolerate BS. And if you BS me , and later I learn it was BS, then that tells me I cant trust you. We work in peoples houses so its all about trust.

My name is Jeff,

Under "compensation" it says contract work meaning cash and you responsible for your own taxes. ( if you want to pay any)

I think I have been fairly clear

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