Owners with semi-trucks 95% from the gross (Bensenville)

Owners with semi-trucks 95% from the gross (Bensenville)

06 Feb 2019

Owners with semi-trucks 95% from the gross (Bensenville)

Vacancy expired!

Hi,this is Ross from NOS INC

We are looking for O/O with their semi-trucks with at least 2 years of experience.

Here you are our prices:

1) We charge 5% from your gross for our service

2)You pay roughly 250$ for insurance every week

3) You pay 30$ for safety every week

4)If you do not have a trailer-you will need to rent it,we can help you with that.We work with Compass Lease. You will pay roughly 150-200$ per week for a new trailer.Or simply you can just purchase some old one for 5000-6000$

5) We will charge you 60$ every week for the licence plate and Highway tax.

6)Log book around 200$ per year

And the last but not least you will need to pay IFTA every 3 months,roughly it is 250-300$.And if you want a PrePass it is 18$ per month.

And now calculating:

Let say you made 6000$ of gross last week.

6000-5%-250-30-200-60=5160$ ROUGHLY you will have in your pocket

Our web: mynosinc.com

Phone: (224) 422-8132

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