We Bring Cash to the Living Dead! (USA)

We Bring Cash to the Living Dead! (USA)

02 May 2020

We Bring Cash to the Living Dead! (USA)

Vacancy expired!

We have done what no one has ever done before! We started 2 + years ago wanting to sell insurance over the web and phone! We used the same garbage leads you all used! They cost a lot of money and 90% of the time they were crap! We lost a lot of agents. If you were here back then we do not apologize. Why? Because to become Great you have to Fail!

We sell the new type of life Insurance except it's now 20 years old! The 149 million in force policies well 99+% are garbage and need to be replaced! Let me explain, when the new type of life Insurance was introduced in the United Kingdom ‡¬‡§ 1995-1998 they embraced the new type of life Insurance and spent in 3 years over $45 Billion in premiums, when it was introduced in Japan 1998 1 in 4 households bought the new type of insurance! LIMRA projected when it hit our shores we would sell $70 Billion in premiums in our 1st 3 Years. 20 years latter the insurance industry has fought this product from ever becoming a way of life, why? Because it was not as profitable as the crap they have sold for decades!

I study success! I love Uber and built our model to look just like them!

You work from your home office.

When you log in and put your head set on we direct customers to you live

We work with the largest on line lead house in the USA. Who wakes up in the am looking for life insurance, we know most of them have health issues. But our secret is we do not screen these folks out. We have our own secret weapon. The first ever guarantee issue living benefits insurance contract. We prefer you to let the lead vendor call them and confirm their health and their true intent to get life insurance. Then this individual is transferred to you live! you will be taught exactly what we want you say to him/her.

Every lead is unique and exclusive and last but not least live!

We are truly Digital and do all our sales from Home we do not go see the customer.

We have Mentors whom will assist you on your first calls and will close your first sales this eliminates the horrific learning curve of no income!

What are we looking for!

Have you sold anything digital over phone or web?

Do you have a great home office? Hi speed internet, good lap top, headset. Must be able to use a screen share service and record every meeting. Must not be afraid of technology we do everything on line including processing the insurance sales via the web.

If you are this person we are looking for you to take 5-10-15 customer calls a day! One of our mentors closed for one of our agents a target premium of over $155,000 on just one case. We sell small monthly premiums to the very large Index Life and Annuities. John has mastered the live transfer and in one week only took 15 calls but closed 9 apps. Our close ratios are larger because of our secret to be able to get the good stuff to the non healthy.

Let's recap!

The perfect system - nobody in the world has been able to do what we do now!

For consideration please text me at 925-216-9404 I'll send you link to watch my 25 minute overview! If you like what you see you must then text me to schedule a very quick phone interview! We must hear your voice and ask a few questions about you, your background and answer any questions you might have.

The next step is up to you! Are you whom we need to partner with? Text 925-216-9404

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