REMOTE CSR & Agents - 2024 Take Control & Be Your Own Boss

REMOTE CSR & Agents - 2024 Take Control & Be Your Own Boss

01 Mar 2024
Iowa, Des moines, 50301 Des moines USA

REMOTE CSR & Agents - 2024 Take Control & Be Your Own Boss

WE: Ladybug Lending(TM) is a Christian ethos financial brokerage that provides funding and business credit repair to businesses across the USA. Check out our fun commercial at (scroll down).

We have Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, agnostics, atheists, and many other walks of life in our Ladybug family. We do not discriminate. The team receives uplifting Jewish and Christian scripture and blessings in our group chats and messaging. If this offends you, we may not be a good fit for you, but we encourage you to join. Who doesn’t like uplifting or kind words while making a lot of money? We give some of the best bonuses and commission rate in the industry. All qualified applicants are welcome. Our merchant-clients are also from all walks of life!

YOU: A kind, honest, energetic (not lazy), and honest person who enjoys helping business of all sizes with financing opportunities. You enjoy speaking with business owners and helping them complete our simple application (takes less than 5 minutes at our website) and receiving a few documents which the merchants will email. You’re willing to commit to 25 hours minimum weekly.

IMAGINE: Helping businesses, and marvel as you earn lucrative commissions.

WHAT/HOW: No experience necessary. Your job is to get the simple application in. Your supervisor will do the hard part of closing the funding opportunities. Later, when you are qualified (which means higher commission) you can close, but for now, just get the application. Easy. You will call/email a minimum of 150 merchants daily (easy - our top reps reach out to 400+ daily) M-F. We are closed on Saturday! You can also use Sunday to hit the required average.

We train you with a simple script and provide an email template. From the comfort of your home, you contact the merchants from our provided list. Help or complete the simple application for them. Upon completion, the application is automatically received by our underwriting department. All it takes is one great merchant to make money that can be life changing. Once the app is complete, you will call the next merchant.

COMPENSATION: In making 150+ calls & emails daily, 5 days out of the week, you are eligible for a $300 draw (this is an advance against your future commissions) at the end of each week (Friday COB). There is no reasonable reason that if you make 150+ calls daily that you won’t have multiple deals funding and business credit repair services sold (by your closer – again just get the application), making $10,000 or more a month. If you put in the time and effort you will reap your reward. What have you got to lose? Commit to 1 month.

We have reps getting residual commissions every month on the credit service billed on a payment plan which is $250 or more for the rep on every client! Imagine if you only have 10 or more at once! Meanwhile you’re constantly adding to your deal flow and earning additional commissions on the funding side. All because you got the application. In many cases merchants pay up front in full, resulting in a major commission paid out in only 72 hours! Often funding commissions are paid in as little as 1 day, but generally allow 1 week. Your commission is 25-30% of the house's take on all funding products! It is 25% Net on all credit services! All very lucrative. Did we mention, you just get the app and our closers do the rest? You will learn and have opportunity for advancement.

BONUS: We offer some of the best bonuses in the industry! Today (yes on a Sunday) a rep received a $450 bonus! We often offer daily, weekly and monthly bonuses, and sometimes, you'll see a message in our slack channel that offers a bonus window for 1 hour, just because you are special and we love our Ladybug family! Won't you be part of it? We have monthly bonus pools that vary, but are often $20k which are available to share between the top 4 reps when certain funding goals are met! Did we mention, you just get the app and our closers do the rest? You will learn and have opportunity for advancement.

REQUIREMENTS (NO EXCEPTIONS): Must have your own mobile/text capable phone. Must have internet access and a laptop or desktop computer. Must be available a minimum of 25 hours a week. These are required guidelines, and no exceptions will be made. Without them you cannot do the tasks required for a convenient and successful deal flow. Please don't apply until you are able to meet these requirements. Include a phone number or you will not get a response.

HOURS OF OPERATION: CLOSED ON SATURDAY. We are open Sunday (not required to work) through Friday sunset Eastern Time. We are closed for Sabbath (Saturday). No Ladybug work from Friday sunset, until Sunday morning 11am the merchant’s local time. M-F you may call merchants as early as 9am their local time and never later than 8pm EST their local time, unless a request was made by the merchant.

Beloved, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready for 2024 to be the year in which you finally take control of your financial life? If so, and you are as excited to start as Ladybug is to welcome you, please send your resume and a brief introduction and PHONE NUMBER by email to: or to the craigslist reply. Thank you and we sincerely hope you have a blessed and prosperous new year, filled with health, peace, and joy!

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