Electricians - Turn Your Job Into A Career! (Clive)

Electricians - Turn Your Job Into A Career! (Clive)

13 Jul 2020

Electricians - Turn Your Job Into A Career! (Clive)

You're looking online for a job for a reason. You're tired of where you're working. Call Now! 515-669-3418 ext 3

 Maybe you don't feel like you're getting paid what you deserve?

 Maybe you don't like your boss and don't feel like he/she supports you?

 Maybe you just don't like your company?

The bottom line is: You're tired. You need a change.

And we can help you!

What's that? You're not a Journeyman electrician yet? That's okay! As long as you have one year or more of full-time electrical experience working for an electrical contractor we will help you get your Journeyman's license! Through paid on the job training as well as classroom time at ABC of Iowa Electrical Apprentice program. Of course, if you have worked in the industry or are already a trained electrician, you're more than welcome to apply, toowe'd love to hear from you!

You simply need to be highly motivated; love to be part of a team, but can work well individually; welcomes learning new things; enjoys interacting with people; and ready for a new challenge every single day. If you meet these requirements, we want to talk to YOU! And we ask that you apply! We even have a $1,000 hiring bonus for journeyman electricians!

What's in it for you? Excellent question! You want to work for Custom Electrical Services because we can promise you a new career that you'll love and is filled with:

-Great money! Lets Face it you are not going to work for free! Earn some of the highest wages in

in the industry!

-Great benefits!

-Health Insurance - Dental Insurance - Disability Insurance - Accident Insurance -

-Life Insurance

-Vision insurance

-Flex spending account

-Vacation schedule that grows to 20 days per year!

-Earn 2 EXTRA PTO days per year based of your hours worked.

-6 paid holidays per year!

-401K with 100% company match

-Company take home van for those who qualify

-Company gas card

-Uniform allowance (shirts, hats, sweatshirts etc.) Company tools as outlined in company

-Company credit card

-Paid as an employee and NOT as a sub contractor.

-Get paid what your worth! Top Pay!

-$1,500 Hiring bonus to Journeyman!

-No overnight travel

-Real advancement opportunities

-Paid training opportunities

-Continuing education classes for journeyman

-Great opportunity! (We're busy year-round! No sitting at home and worrying!)

-Growth potential! (We're always looking for future managers!)

-Flexibility of time!

-Part time positions available for licensed service electricians!

-And much more. . .

In fact, the much more is what really matters! You want to work for a business that believes and supports YOU In fact, we operate this company using the Triple-Win Model.

Three Reasons to Start an Amazing Career in Electrical Contracting with Custom Electrical Services:

1. Our customers must win! We do everything imaginable to help ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied and absolutely love our services. If they don't, we do whatever is necessary to make them wildly happy that they did business with usso much so that they insist on telling their friends and family!

2. Our employees must win! We realize that the only way to have happy customers is to have a happy team of people serving them! We do everything imaginable to support our people, lift them up to make them better, and help ensure that they're successful. And for doing a great job, they receive tremendous financial rewardsas well as incredible career satisfaction. Just imagine working in a field where you get to HELP people every day!

3. Our company must win! We believe if we've absolutely done everything possible to make sure our customers win and our employees win, the company will naturally win. And we must win to be financially successful in order to help more customers and provide more opportunity for our employees and their families.

Now, if that's the type of company that you'd like to work forand we hope it isplease apply. We would love a chance to talk with youand get to know you better. Let's make sure we're an ideal fit for each other. Thanks for taking time to read our post!

Apply online at www.CustomElectricalia.com then click the employment tab or call to make an appointment to apply in person. 515-669-34one8.

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