PM Cooks - Jason's Deli (6121 SW 12th St)

PM Cooks - Jason's Deli (6121 SW 12th St)

08 Feb 2019

PM Cooks - Jason's Deli (6121 SW 12th St)

Vacancy expired!

Do you like a fast pace environment with a team that takes pride in making customers happy? If so, being a cook at Jason's deli is for you! We offer flexible schedules, discounted employee meals, paid time off after 1 year, and insurance for full time employees who have worked for 1 year.

Find out more about us and apply today at or stop in and see us!

Skills: Qualified applicants must be able to learn basic job routines and must be able to communicate effectively.

Health: An applicant who is currently infected with or has knowledge that they are currently infected with a communicable disease which has been determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services as one which is transmissible to the public through the handling of food will not be considered as a qualified applicant. An Applicant must comply with the applicable city Department of Health regulations as well as Jason's Deli's dress code policies.

Essential Job Functions:

1. The ability to stand for extensive periods of time.

2. The ability to bend over, reach upwards or outward, twist, turn around, and climb up on ladders in a timely fashion.

3. The ability to perform a variety of jobs at a very rapid pace.

4. The ability to perform job tasks repetitiously at a very rapid pace for extensive periods of time.

5. The ability to work in an environment with temperature fluctuations.

6. The ability to maintain regular, predictable attendance.

7. The ability to understand and to follow directions.

8. The ability to use equipment including telephones, cash registers, calculators, knives, meat slicers, buffalo choppers, the robocoupe, drills, mixers, can openers, scales, and dishwashing machines.

9. The ability to lift very heavy objects with or without assistance.

Secondary Job Responsibilities:

1. Bussing tables and washing dishes.

2. Cleaning projects which will require using chemicals to clean all areas in the deli, including sweeping and mopping, and scrubbing all floor areas including moving equipment in order to scrub behind and underneath it, cleaning and wiping counters, walls, pictures, cabinets, and other artifacts, cleaning and scrubbing equipment including slicers, choppers, the robocoupe, drills, knives, can openers, ovens, pots and pans, walk-in coolers, scales, racks, and holman ovens.

3. Performing maintenance duties including standing on ladders to change light bulbs, to clean air vents, and to clean ceiling tiles, as well as other items.

4. Daily organizing of products including lifting heavy orders of product, putting up heavy orders of product in the walk-in cooler and other storage areas, re-arranging product in the walk-in cooler and products at other display locations, arranging items in cabinets.

Statement of Totality:

This position will include any and all other essential and secondary duties assigned by management to ensure the proper functioning of operations in the deli.

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