Life Enrichment Manager

Life Enrichment Manager

01 Feb 2024
Maryland, Rockville, 20847 Rockville USA

Life Enrichment Manager

Sunrise Senior Living was again certified as a Great Place to Work® by Activated Insights. This is the 6th time Sunrise has received this top culture and workplace designation, highlighting the special place Sunrise is to be a part of.COMMUNITY NAMESunrise of Rockville2024-205219JOB OVERVIEW"Sunrise is the best place that I've ever worked, simply because of the people. We provide quality care in an environment that feels like home. Our focus is doing what’s right for the resident. For me, that’s a big breath of fresh air."- Sunrise LeaderAt Sunrise, our Life Enrichment Manager is responsible for consistently engaging residents in familiar routines of daily living through personalized Life Skills that "Create Pleasant Days" for residents. Life Skills are familiar tasks that residents enjoyed doing in the past that can still bring a sense of success, meaning and purpose in the present. The Life Enrichment Manager is responsible for designing Life Skills to reflect each resident's past interests and for providing them with encouragement, prompts and hands on assistance.RESPONSIBILITIES & QUALIFICATIONSResponsibilities:

Evaluates resident's interest and involvement in Life Skill

Develops Life Skills tailored to each resident's unique needs and abilities

Engages residents in Life Skills throughout the day and evening

Assist in maintaining an inventory of Life Skills programming supplies

As applicable, assist residents with daily care of any animals and/or plants as part of the Life Skills program and services.


One (1) year experience working with memory impaired seniors

High School diploma / GED accepted and may be required per state regulations; certification(s) may be required per state regulations

Ability to motivate, encourage residents; knowledge of how to adapt life skills to the cognitive and functional ability of each resident

Inspire, motivate and encourage volunteers and fellow team members to engage residents in meaningful, purposeful activities throughout the day and evening

Ability to handle multiple priorities

Possess written and verbal skills for effective communication

Competent in organizational & time mgmt skills

Demonstrates good judgment, problem solving and decision making skills

Ability to make responsible choices, decisions and act in a resident's best interest

Ability to work semi-independently without direct supervision by following community procedures and guidelines, ability to follow through on assigned tasks

Basic proficiency in computer skills, Microsoft Office with the ability to learn new applications.

ABOUT SUNRISESunrise Senior Living has championed quality of life in senior care for more than 30 years. We believe team members are our greatest resource and are looking for people who share our commitment to provide quality care for seniors and their families. It's no surprise that many of the world's leading experts in Senior Living entrust their career to Sunrise.At Sunrise, you will…Make a Difference Every DayWe are passionate about our mission — to champion quality of life for all seniors. We deliver high-quality care with a personal touch and encourage our residents to enjoy life to the fullest.Be Part of a Uniquely Supportive CommunityThe care-focused environment we create for residents extends to our team members. We offer programs, rewards, and benefits to help you live your best.I gnite Your PotentialWe believe potential has no limits. We offer best-in-class leadership development programs designed to grow our leaders. We are committed to helping our team members achieve their career goals.Apply today to learn why Sunrise Senior Living is a certified Great Place to Work®PRE-EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTSSunrise considers the health and safety of its residents, family members, and team members to be one of its highest priorities. Employment with Sunrise is conditioned on completing and passing a drug test (which does not include marijuana), participating in testing requirements (e.g. Tuberculosis Test, Physical Evaluation). Covid-19 and Influenza vaccination is only required to the extent mandated by applicable federal, state, and local laws and authorities.COMPENSATION DISCLAIMERSelected candidates will be offered competitive compensation based on geographic location of community/office, skills, experience, qualifications, and certifications/licenses (where applicable).Location : Name Sunrise of RockvilleType Full-TimeLocation : Address 8 Baltimore RoadLocation : City RockvilleLocation : State/Province (Full Name) MarylandSunrise Senior Living is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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