IT Field Technician (Entry Level)

IT Field Technician (Entry Level)

03 Mar 2019

IT Field Technician (Entry Level)

Vacancy expired!

The days of reading old, boring IT Technician Job Ads are over. We just gotta' ask

Tired of being treated like just a "geek?"

Feel like your career is stuck in "rinse and repeat" mode?

Are you fed up with poor pay for being a really good tech?

Ready to get out from behind a desk and be a master diagnostician?

Well, you're reading this. That's good. That means, you're ready for a change. So are we.

We are Patriot Networks, Inc., an enterprise services company that feeds the technology demands and network needs of small and medium sized businesses in the MA & RI area. Each of us make up a brilliant team of dedicated intellectuals, some are great at Sales & Marketing, and others are great at Technology & Network infrastructures. Every role, serving an absolute purpose.

That's where you come in

We don't want a tech that just knows computers. We could find that really easily. Instead, here are the skill sets we're actively looking for:

-Windows Server, Troubleshooting and Repair

-Network Component Installation, Diagnostics

-DHCP and DNS Working Experience, Diagnostics

-VPN Configuration, Setup and Implementations

-Routers and Switches, Working Utility Expertise

-Virus and Security Troubleshooting & Remedies

-Proficient Capacity to Serve People, and Problems

-Working Ability to Ask for Help, when needed

We will train you on how to utilize our proven service processes and support you as a proficient technical resource in the field, every day. Since you'll be using your vehicle to get to and from service calls, we offer a great Travel Reimbursement plan - so you never feel like you're being taken advantage of.

Ready for the next step? Good, here are a few final details to consider

We do not believe that, being career-stuck is a strategy. The greatest rewards are reserved for those, who want to be more and then put in the work, to be their best version of themselves. We expect to retain the best, and that's why we are so bold about what we want - because we expect to find it.

Please send your Cover Letter and Resume, and be sure to list in the Cover Letter, why this specific role fits into your Career Path. Only submissions with these articulations, will be considered.

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