Personal Assistant / Sidekick (Essential Worker) (Overland Park)

Personal Assistant / Sidekick (Essential Worker) (Overland Park)

02 May 2020

Personal Assistant / Sidekick (Essential Worker) (Overland Park)

Covid-19 Information: Since I require 24/7 assistance to live, my personal assistants (PAs) are essential. Additionally, the government agrees that my workers are essential, so you do not have to worry about violating state and county stay at home orders. If you are interested in this position, it is very important that you reliably show for shifts, so please understand the risks before considering. As far ask risk of exposure to the coronavirus, myself and my PAs are taking the following precautions:

All PAs are to wash hands immediately upon entering my apartment.

Common surfaces to be cleaned at least once daily (you are welcome to clean more often if you like).

Cloth masks are available, and recommended, for you to use on your shift.

At the same time, as a PA you are required to be in close contact with me, and I have a team of 7 to 9 PAs I work with every week, and I can't account for all the people they may have been near.

Onto my actual Ad:

Warning: this job is no ordinary job. This job will be stimulating, challenging, and rewarding. This job is not for everyone. This job is for the dedicated, the motivated, and the pure of heart. Applying for this job will lead to bonding with and helping another human being, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with it. Keep reading for important details on what it takes to be a personal assistant for Jason Gallagher.

Who is Jason Gallagher? Jason Gallagher is me. I am a 39 year-old guy who enjoys classic computer games, board games, Legos, baseball and Doctor Who.My friends say that I am thoughtful, compassionate, and a bit of a smart ass. I have this disability called Muscular Dystrophy. Muscular Dystrophy is a degenerative muscle disease which takes away my ability to do most things for myself physically, but does not take away my independence. It also means I use a power wheelchair and need to hire sidekicks to help me meet my needs and reach my dreams. This is where you come in.

What does it take to be an assistant for Jason Gallagher? If you are creative, physically coordinated, detail oriented, intuitive, patient, mentally focused, and you have excellent spatial reasoning then you have what it takes for this job. If this is not your skill set, do not despair, because there is still a job somewhere out there for you, it is just not this one. If you are, or ever have been, a dancer, elite fencer, or someone who has successfully completed a feat of great physical and mental agility, then you would be doing yourself a disservice by not signing up for this job (because statistical calculations agree that you will make an excellent assistant.) Finally, forget everything you think you know about personal care and helping a person with a disability. I am a unique individual with my own specific needs. If you understand this, you will be a great sidekick.

What are the basic requirements? Must:

-Have lived at least 18 years of life.

-Be able to physically lift Jason. He weighs 130lbs. Lower body strength and lower center of gravity are ideal. Low squats are key.

-Have valid driver's license and be willing to drive full size van.

-Pass a background check.

-Be cool with nudity, bodily functions, and personal care tasks.

-Have at least a basic familiarity with smartphones, tablets, and Windows computers.

-Be a human of any gender.

-Be able to vibe

What else do you need to know?

This job pays $12.00 an hour. You must be eligible to work in the United States of America, and understand that taxes will be removed from your paycheck. I receive State of Kansas funds through the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver. Your paychecks will be paid by the payroll agency Life Patterns, Inc (

This job is located in Overland Park.

Looking for people to fill the following shifts: Overnight shift, 10:30pm to 7:30am; Evening shift, 3pm (or up to 4:30pm) to 10:30pm; Morning shift, 7:30am to 3pm. Which days of the week will depend on availability, so let me know when you are available to work.

How do you apply? If you are ready to take on the job of your lifetime, then e-mail (preferred) me at or call 913-735-5341 and tell me your story and why you think you would rock this job. Include in your answer your favorite movie, or a reference from that movie.

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