Handyman Opening- Subcotractor (Olathe)

Handyman Opening- Subcotractor (Olathe)

02 May 2020

Handyman Opening- Subcotractor (Olathe)

Vacancy expired!

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Looking to hire three subcontractors to help with our endless workload. We have been in business for three years and have grown tremendously since then. This is a full-time position, with a group of great people. The job is very diverse. Everyday is different, one day you may be painting the exterior of the home and the next you may be helping replace a water heater. We do it all, so you must be willing to learn and do whatever your asked. If you are afraid of working hard and learning new trades, this may not be for you. I am listing the requirements, frequent questions and company information. If you would like to apply, send an email including your name, number and skill sets. I will call you as soon as possible for a phone interview.

Our Services



-Painting (interior/exterior/cabinets)





We are rated 5 stars with over 40 reviews.


oTransportation- You must have reliable transportation that can haul tools and materials (truck, SUV or van).

oAttitude- Friendly, respectful and helpful 100% of the time. If you are a A**HOLE do not apply. Every

contractor we hire has to be respectful and ready to helpout.

oAttendance- Must be on time everyday, no excuses. If their is traffic, you need to leave early. Calling in more then once per month will not be tolerated, unless it is a emergency that you can provide proof of.

oTools-You are required to have basic hand tools, we supply powered or specialty tools.

o1099- You will be operating as a independent contractor, so you will have to fill our a 1099-form.

oExperience- We do it all, so being diverse is great. We will hire a perfect fit that needs training though. Experience is great, but it doesnt beat having a good attitude, attendance and integrity.

oProfessionalism- Clean cut, pants at your waist and good hygiene is required. Simply, if you sag your pants, do not apply. We do not higher dopers or anyone that lacks professionlism. You are required to wear company gear everyday, which will be provided to you.


Q- How frequently do you pay?

A- We Pay every Friday.

Q- Do I have consistent work?

A- I have never laid off a single contractor, even in dead winter. You can work weekends for extra cash as well.

Q- What is it like working for you?

A- If you show up on time, treat customers with respect and dont make the same mistake twice I am very easy to work with. I am very respectful, but expect the same. I am very nice, but do not mistake it as a weakness. You are given alot of trust, first sour taste I get you will be terminated. I do not tolerate being lied to.

Q- If I do more then one job per day do you compensate for gas?

A- We pay for gas if the drive is greater then 20 minutes or if you do more then one job per day.

Q- What days do we work?

A- Monday through Friday 9-5. Weekends are optional.

If you would like to apply please email us, only serious inquiries from contractors that are looking for a long term career. If you cant keep a job for longer then 6 months, do not apply. I only want the best of the best. Raises are common for good employees.

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