Collect $2400 on week one. (Binghamton NY)

Collect $2400 on week one. (Binghamton NY)

02 May 2020

Collect $2400 on week one. (Binghamton NY)

Vacancy expired!

Collect $2400 on week one. It takes one hour a day 20 days in a month

The only person who has the access to the discounted courses is YOU, the team organizer, so called HOST, one who offers a meeting space, collects payments and proceeds with order forms. People who are interested in a 90% discount on a specific subject must join appropriate group via YOU, the host. No investment. Must be able to invite quality friends to meetings at own space or a specifically chosen public place.

Invitations: You need to be able to explain the core value of Guru Takeout as oppose to the popular gatherings/events:

We are serious about achieving profits/income/partnerships/ even political donations - as oppose to achieving a certificate or a job. Our meetings are not social gatherings but rather purpose oriented for those who want to save time and money on the path to Financial Freedom.

No other experience needed. Know how to be friendly, professional.

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