MST Working Supervisor (Auburn)

MST Working Supervisor (Auburn)

06 Feb 2019

MST Working Supervisor (Auburn)

Vacancy expired!

Under the general supervision of the VP of Multisystemic Therapy programs, the MST Supervising Therapist will provide intensive home-based clinical crisis intervention and case management services to families with youth in imminent risk of entry or re-entry into out-of-home placements in Cayuga and Oneida Counties. The MST Supervising Therapist will also be responsible in such areas as managing programs, staff supervisions, safety policy, and response to crisis, community relationships, supervision and statistical reports. Requires 24-hour on-call availability to assist with problem diffusion, structuring and resolution.


Carry a caseload as assigned.

Conduct MST assessment including review of referral information, identifying and engaging key participants, identifying systemic strengths and weaknesses, and developing an analysis of the fit of problem behaviors within the ecological context.

Engage primary caregiver and other key participants in active change-oriented treatment by identifying and overcoming barriers to engagement.

Implement a problem conceptualization, treatment planning, intervention implementation, and outcome review and strategy revision procedure using the MST Analytic Process.

Maintain clear and concise documentation of treatment efforts that promote peer and supervisory review and feedback, and that demonstrate compliance with the 9 MST Principles and the MST Analytic Process.

Collaborate with all relevant systems and key participants within each system to ensure their buy-in and cooperation throughout MST treatment.

Provide direct clinical treatment using methods compatible with MST principles and practices.

Participate in all MST training, supervision and consultation activities.

Provide crisis interventions defusing problem situations on a 24-hour-day on-call basis.

Must be ready, willing and able to assist the families with any and all tasks needed to stabilize them, including, but not limited to, housecleaning, shopping and escort to appointments.

Assists administrative staff in collection of information for program effectiveness.

Willingness to participate in community network meetings.

Connections documentation may be required of certain program/counties.

Attend required training.

Read required books.

Responsible for complying with rules and regulations governing access to Protected Health Information under HIPAA. Access to Protected Health Information is limited to the extent required to perform responsibilities effectively and efficiently. No access will be permitted unnecessarily. The essential job functions as described, herein, dictate the level of access, use, and disclosure of confidential information.

Perform other duties as requested by your immediate supervisor or the Chief Executive Officer.

Experience and Skills:

Master's degree in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling or a related subject area. Experience within the MST Department.

Experience in direct use of pragmatic (i.e. structural, strategic and functional) family therapies, individual therapy with children and adults using cognitive behavioral techniques, marital therapy using behaviorally-based approaches, behavioral therapy targeting school behavior and academic performance and implementation of interventions within or between systems in the youth's natural ecology that affect or influence the behavior of youth (i.e. family, peer, school, and neighborhood) preferred.

Knowledge of family systems theory and application, social ecological theory and application, behavioral therapies theory and application, cognitive-behavioral therapy theory and application, pragmatic family therapies theory and application, child development research and its application in treatment, and social skills assessment and intervention preferred.

Ability to handle confidential material in a responsible manner.

Valid NYS Driver's License.

Vehicle required: Must be safe and dependable.

State law mandates that one's personal automobile insurance is directly responsible in any vehicle accident. Cayuga Centers vehicle insurance can legally only supplement damages collected by the other party which exceeds one's insurance coverage.

Cayuga Centers advises that he/she let his/her insurance company know if he/she uses his/her vehicle for agency business.

Mileage, Tolls, & Parking are reimbursed through agency payroll.

Ability to travel to other agency locations as required.


As a full time benefits position, staff is eligible to enroll in medical, dental, vision, FSA, supplemental life insurance, critical illness, enhanced short-term disability, and 401(k) benefits.

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