Looking for golf equipment experts / gear nerds / sales reps (Remote)

Looking for golf equipment experts / gear nerds / sales reps (Remote)

01 May 2020

Looking for golf equipment experts / gear nerds / sales reps (Remote)

Vacancy expired!

Hello -

We're Curated.com and we are an e-commerce site that lets gear nerds, golf pros, caddies, enthusiasts, industry professionals and passionate regular Joe's make money by doing what they already do with their buddies; giving advice on what clubs to buy.

As a Curated.com expert, youll be connected with customers who have come to our site looking for advice on what gear to buy. You'll receive a filled out questionnaire about their golf game (their current clubs, handicap, where they golf, issues with their ball flight, etc.) and will then kick off a conversation via our chat platform. From there, you'll ask additional questions, perhaps do a swing-analysis (if they'll send video) and then ultimately make club recommendations.

Buying the right gear takes time. Conversations with your customers will span days/weeks/months Each customer enters their phone number before beginning the conversation, which allows you to build a relationship over time and ensure that you're getting the customer into the clubs that are right for them.

The job is a contracted position and can be done 100% remotely.

APPLICATION: https://www.curated.com/apply/golf?utmsource=craigslist&utmmedium=ppa&utmcampaign=golfosu2&utmterm=&utmcontent=

Desired Skills/Knowledge:

-The biggest thing is to have conviction that your recommendations will improve somebodys golf game.

-Passion about the game.

-Knowledge of different clubs/brands/grips and shafts is a must.

-Previous sales experience is a plus.

-Ability to communicate clearly online via chat.

Time Commitment:

-3 hour "live shifts" where you connect with new customers

-Flexible Scheduling

-Average of 9 to 15 hours a week

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