Oregon Retina, LLP seeks a full-time Clinical Assistant (Eugene)

Oregon Retina, LLP seeks a full-time Clinical Assistant (Eugene)

18 Apr 2019

Oregon Retina, LLP seeks a full-time Clinical Assistant (Eugene)

Vacancy expired!

Job description: We are seeking a full-time clinical assistant without prior experience to join a team of 30 people delivering state of the art care to patients in Lane County with blinding eye diseases. This position can accommodate individuals with (e.g., CNA) or without experience in healthcare. We will teach you the skills you need to work with our patients. You will have the opportunity for rapid advancement in knowledge, skill, and pay. The rate of advancement will be determined by the rate at which you learn new knowledge and skills.

You will start by assisting with getting patients ready to see the doctor and helping with procedures done in the clinic. As skills develop, you have increasing responsibility in preparing patients for care by the doctors, performing testing, and helping the doctors with patient care by entering information into the medical record (scribing), organizing information and materials for the doctor, coordinating care, and helping patients understand their disease and care.

You will learn the check-in and check-out or front desk processes and possibly learn how to cover other areas of the practice depending on your career goals and level of interest.

You will join a team of clinical assistants who are kind and supportive. The team will support your growth and training and provide a safe and happy environment in which you can flourish.

Rapid advancement is achieved by most of our employees. Oregon Retina, LLP provides education to all employees to ensure success. Many of our employees are college graduates, and we also hire high school graduates without college experience.

Minimum job requirements:

1. High school diploma.

2. Proficiency in touch typing and basic use of Microsoft Office or similar products

3. Available for full time employment.

Expectations of candidate: Candidates must be affable, motivated, and possess integrity. Self-motivation and task completion are essential for interested candidates. You must enjoy working with others and elderly patients.

Compensation: A compensation package commensurate with your experience will be provided. Available benefits include health insurance, dental insurance, long-term disability insurance, and retirement benefits. Employees are provided education time and expenses where appropriate for job duties. No relocation support will be provided.

How to apply: Please send (i) a resume and (ii) a copy of your high school (or college transcript if you attended school beyond college). Please be sure files are attached to your email, and not links to the files.

Information about Oregon Retina, LLP:

Oregon Retina is a rapidly growing sub-specialty surgical practice with two physicians, multiple locations and a well-trained team of 27 employees that enables efficient, effective, and safe patient care. Our clinics have state-of-the-art equipment that include an electronic medical record, image servers, surgery center and hospital surgical suites, fundus photography, high-resolution OCT, FA, ICG, and ocular ultrasonography (A, B, and UBM). The practice team is highly motivated, professional, and provides high-value care with excellent outcomes through compassionate, knowledge-based, and skilled care. Learn more about us at www.oregonretina.org.

Information about Eugene, Oregon

Eugene is home to the University of Oregon. Eugene has been nationally recognized for its friendly, outgoing people. The local culture places an emphasis on healthy lifestyles, cultural diversity, and the arts. The Lane County region boasts an environment with something for everyone: the rugged outdoors, quiet gardens, and athletic activities. Portland, Oregon is a major metropolitan center located 2 hours north of Eugene. Oregon Retina, LLP embraces the local culture and supports a balanced life-style, personal wellness, community involvement, family, and other endeavors.

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