Dental Assistant, TMD

Dental Assistant, TMD

01 Sep 2023
Oregon, Portland, 97201 Portland USA

Dental Assistant, TMD

Provide direct support to dentists, denturists and other provider personnel delivering TMD and prosthetics related service.Essential Responsibilities:

Perform all of the functions and duties listed for a dental assistant II (1 through 25) in addition to the following: Take impressions for fabrication of flat plane bite splint. Following fabrication of the specific flat plane bite splint. Present splint to patient and make minor adjustments consistent with patient comfort and provider direction. Assist the provider in evaluating returning patients for proper adjustment and fit of splint. Assess patient's treatment progress and communicate assessment to patient's provider. Instruct patient in use of splint, care of splint and availability of additional resources for adjunctive care. As directed by the provider, take bite registrations. Respond to patient's phone calls regarding TMD treatment, splint advice and as appropriate refer to provider. Take TMJ transcranial X-ray and process consistent with established guidelines. Participate in TMD case review process as directed by supervisor.

Assumes personal responsibility for becoming thoroughly familiar with and understanding all Kaiser policy and procedure and behavior guidelines. Conforms to established policy and procedure governing absenteeism and tardiness. Arrives for work on time, as scheduled or requested, properly attired and groomed and ready to perform the assigned job responsibilities. Conforms to established policy and procedure governing sign-in and sign-out process and the taking of lunch and rest breaks. Fully utilizes work time in direct support of the efficient and effective delivery of dental care and service. Conforms to established policy and procedure governing confidentiality of all patient and Kaiser Permanente information and records and the release of such information both inside and outside the Program - always acts in a manner that will protect and preserve this information. Consistently demonstrates a positive attitude while at work. Does not involve personal issues in work-day activities and works in a cooperative and supportive manner with all providers and other support personnel. Consistently treats providers and fellow employees with respect and consideration. Conducts personal conversations in the staff lounge and/or outside of the hearing of patients waiting for or undergoing treatment. Does not discuss other staff members, organizational policy and procedure, personal problems or a medical or dental condition in public areas. Always wears a Kaiser Permanente name tag and appropriately introduces self, other staff and providers consistent with established guidelines. Always addresses members/patients in a manner that is consistent with established guidelines - using proper title and last name. Responds to member/patient request for information, whether made in person or via telephone, in a timely and courteous manner, making eye contact if in person, using a pleasant expression and tone of voice and attempting to resolve requests at the point of initial contact or with as few referrals as possible.

Always gives individuals calling on the telephone the opportunity to respond before being placed on hold, makes every reasonable effort to satisfy a member/patient's request within one transfer of a call and gives emergent and urgent messages promptly to the referenced provider. Makes every effort to appropriately and progressively inform members/patients waiting for care of the reason(s) for any delay and the prospects for when they can expect to be treated. Conforms to established dress code and takes appropriate precautions to protect clothing from soiling and contamination, consistent with established infection control guidelines.

Basic Qualifications:Experience

Required, no less than one (1) year of experience as a dental assistant.

The individual applicant must have been trained in TMD assisting, and have been directly involved in the provision of TMD related care and service to patients for a period of no less than six (6) months.

Per the National Agreement, current KP Coalition employees have this experience requirement waived.



License, Certification, Registration

Expanded Function Certification (Those individuals working in the state of Oregon must possess a current Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) Certificate).

Oregon Certificate of Radiology Proficiency (Those individuals working in the State of Oregon, must possess a current certificate in Dental Radiological Proficiency).

Additional Requirements:

The individual applicant for this position must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the individual performing the selection interview, the following qualifications if he or she is to be selected. Furthermore, consistent with the must then be satisfactorily maintained by the individual as a condition of continued employment.

Demonstrated competence in four-handed dentistry technique.

Satisfactory level of knowledge and proficiency in use of current dental materials, instruments and equipment.

Demonstrated ability to follow instructions and work effectively under both direct and indirect supervision.

Well organized in use of time and effort.

Demonstrated capacity to act in a professionally courteous manner when interacting with patients, providers and other employees - good interpersonal skills.

Demonstrated capacity to work in a fast paced, high performance environment.

Excellent attendance record.

Individuals working in the State of Washington must agree to successfully complete a Kaiser Permanente developed course in radiological proficiency.

Individuals working in the State of Washington must agree to successfully complete an equivalent Kaiser Permanente developed examination and certificate process.

Preferred Qualifications:


COMPANY: KAISERTITLE: Dental Assistant, TMDLOCATION: Portland, OregonREQNUMBER: 1212762External hires must pass a background check/drug screen. Qualified applicants with arrest and/or conviction records will be considered for employment in a manner consistent with Federal, state and local laws, including but not limited to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran, or disability status.

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