CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN (Habitat for Humanity of Berks County)

CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN (Habitat for Humanity of Berks County)

31 May 2019

CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN (Habitat for Humanity of Berks County)

Vacancy expired!

This is a position requiring skills in general residential building construction and renovation including knowledge of applicable code requirements. Construction Foreman will supervise both skilled and unskilled volunteers. Position combines knowledge of construction duties relating to building safe, decent and affordable Habitat for Humanity homes. Strong communication and organizational skills required.


1) Leading Site Development and Construction activities for Habitat for Humanity projects. Duties specifically include, input on site and home design, infrastructure approvals and permitting.

2) To be present at the jobsite during scheduled work days as needed to maintain the construction schedule and as support to the Project Manager. Will be responsible for supervising volunteers and families on site when necessary.

3) Has primary responsibility to determine and monitor construction projects to ensure that homes are being built as expediently and affordably as possible.

4) Must possess technical expertise in framing, trim work, and general knowledge in mechanical, electrical, HVAC and plumbing.

5) Supervise onsite construction staff and volunteers, and prepare daily or weekly action items for onsite staff and volunteers.

6) Coordinate with Project Manager ordering and delivery of material, ensuring that materials are onsite as needed.

7) Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to maintain the correct level of volunteers at each construction site.

8) Participate in staff meetings.

9) Maintain an inventory of Habitat-owned tools and vehicles. Maintain same in good repair.

10) Manage Habitat-owned building materials.

11) Approve tool and/or equipment purchases of less than $250, as per approved budget.

12) Coordinate estimates, permits, invoices, and any information required by funders or municipalities, etc.

13) Manage property owned by HFHBC including the office, warehouse and properties in process or awaiting construction. This includes managing weed trimming, snow removal, and repairs as necessary.

14) Must be extremely safety conscious at construction sites, and train volunteers in safety processes and procedures to minimize any potential injuries to staff and volunteers.

15) Attend all Building Committee meetings.

16) Other duties as assigned by the Project Manager.

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