Lawn Care Labor (Bluff City, TN)

Lawn Care Labor (Bluff City, TN)

02 May 2019

Lawn Care Labor (Bluff City, TN)

Vacancy expired!

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Please read! We are a fast paced lawn care business looking to hire for several landscaping and mowing laborers. These are full time positions (38-42 hours/week), and they are NOT cash or under-the-table. You will be paid weekly via payroll check. We aim for a 4 day work week (Mon-Thurs), but weather can make that vary.

Lawn Care Crew Member - starts at $9/hr depending on your knowledge and experience. No experience is required, but it is preferred. We can train the right person.

To apply, go to

Qualified applicants will be scheduled for an interview.

Please DO NOT APPLY if:

* You are lazy. These jobs are physical in nature, fast paced, and aren't desk jobs. You will work in the heat and the cold and the rain and everything in between, sometimes for long hours. If you are out of shape, or hate the heat or the cold, or have physical issues that prevent you from doing this kind of work, please don't apply.

* You have trouble making it to work or always need off for something. We've heard all the excuses, excuses don't get work done, and you are either a person who comes to work or you aren't.

* You have drug or alcohol issues, transportation issues, or any other home or personal issues that affect your job performance or attendance. We cover everyone on workers comp and you are not covered if you cant pass a drug/alcohol test if you get injured. We deal with a lot of equipment and machinery, and parts of this work can be hazardous at times.

* You can't get along with other people, aren't trustworthy, or just want a paycheck but don't want to to earn it. If you work hard and do what you're asked you can move up fast regardless of where you start.

* You spend a lot of time BSing/smoking/joking/talking/texting/checking your phone/surfing the internet/aimlessly wondering around doing nothing instead of working. You can do all that stuff on your own time, plus you already spend a lot of time getting paid to ride around in a truck.

If you've read this ad and think you are what we are looking for, and that we are what you are looking for, please apply and we will get back to you. We work all over the Tri-Cities, but we meet at our shop in Bluff City daily.

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